Building/Facility Use Reservations


Rules for Use of Buildings, Equipment and Grounds

The following rules must be observed in the use of school facilities.  The group leader will be held responsible for compliance.

  1. Permits will be issued only for the dates, hours, areas and equipment specified and include only the nearest lavatories and drinking fountain. Permit holders shall not transfer or sublet the permit to another organization.
  2. All activities must be under competent, adult supervision with the organization using the facilities assuming full responsibility. Members of the activity will not be admitted until the group supervisor is present and the permit is presented to the custodian or designated district building supervisor on duty.
  3. Groups will provide responsible supervision of the entrance area of the building for their activities until the doors are locked.
  4. Facility charges shall be made in accordance with the schedule of facility rental charges. One Hundred percent (100%) of the estimated amount, based on the fee schedule, must accompany the approved application.   Payment shall be made payable to Grand Ledge Public Schools.  Additional expenses will be invoiced after the event and payment is expected within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.
  5. The use of tobacco, in any form, is prohibited in school district facilities or grounds.
  6. Possession or consumption of intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs in any form in or on school premises is prohibited.
  7. Disorderly conduct is prohibited and punishable by ejection from the buildings and grounds.
  8. Food and drink must not be transported from the area designated on the permit.
  9. Buildings must be vacated by the time indicated or additional charges may be assessed.
  10. All legal ordinances pertaining to public assemblies must be adhered to and will be enforced.
  11. Rooms and areas used must be left in an orderly condition.
  12. The applicant may be requested by the school district to provide a certificate of liability and property damage insurance in the minimum amount of $300,000 combined single limit coverage.
  13. The Superintendent will act in any case not covered by the rules and regulations or to make exception to the rules and regulations as deemed necessary.
  14. The Superintendent may cancel a permit effective immediately if, in his judgment, continuation would be potentially harmful and/or dangerous or that the program and/or participants' actions are not of a moral standard equivalent to that generally accepted in the community.

PDF Document Bd of Ed Operations Policy - PR 1000: Use of School Facilities


High School Facility Use

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Facility Use for All Other Buildings, see below:

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