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Delta Center has both Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops. Please stop in the front lobby for more information. You can find information sheets in the rack in the front lobby. 

What is Destination Imagination?

Our Destination ImagiNation (DI) teams have won many State Championships throughout the years. The students have had great fun and formed great friendships during their times with their teams. For more information about the DI teams please contact Mary Carlson, 6th Grade Teacher. Her contact information is: Phone 517-925-5540 or email


Destination Imagination is a GREAT after-school activity that builds skills in problem-solving, team-work, communication and creative presentation.  DI is a commitment - your team will count on your participation at meetings.  Teams meet weekly, usually from early October until mid-March (or later).

At meetings, students work on two different kinds of activities - Instant Challenge and Central Challenge.  

Instant Challenges give teams the opportunity to solve a quick, fun problem over a very short period of time (usually about 5 minutes).  Team solutions are scored on how well the team's solution solved the problem, the creativity of their solution, and how well they worked together as a team to create and present their solution.

A team picks one Central Challenge to work on over the next six months - one of six choices offered by the DI organization.  Each year, the specific problems that need to be solved for a Central Challenge change; however, the general categories of the challenges are the same from year to year.  The categories are: Engineering, Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisation or Service Learning.  Central Challenges are complex and require teams to do a lot of problem-solving.  All challenges require students to research and learn, build and create, write and act.  It takes - literally - months for team members to fully understand and come up with solutions for all the aspects of their Central Challenge.

Here is a rough timeline of our DI schedule:

All students are welcome to attend meetings in mid-September to see if DI is of interest to them.  

In late-September, interested students form teams of 3-7 students: a parent-volunteer Team Leader is needed to finalize the formation of a team.

Each team is in charge of making a schedule for team meetings - most teams meet once a week between October and March (or later).  Teams meet at the time/location that works for the Team members and Team Leader.  Usually, teams meet at Delta Center in Mrs. Carlson's classroom in the evening.... but whatever works for the whole team. (Mrs. Carlson goes to wherever the team meets to support the team as needed.)

Students have the opportunity to show off their Instant Challenge team-work skills and their team's solution to their Central Challenge at a tournament where they compete against other teams who developed solutions to the same challenge.  

There is a Regional Tournament in March.  The top teams from that tournament go on to the State Tournament.

The State Tournament is in April.  The top teams from that tournament go on to the Global Tournament.

The Global Tournament is in May.

Our Grand Ledge teams often advance to the State Tournament and on several occasions have gone on to the Global Tournament.  We have fun and we accomplish a LOT!

At Delta Center, we encourage students in 3rd grade and up to participate in DI.  While younger students are able to join, our experience is they often find it difficult to focus on the Central Challenge for the many months that it takes to develop a team solution.  If you think your younger student is a perfect fit for DI, please talk to Mary Carlson or Jennifer Pakkula. 

To learn more about DI - to see examples of the challenges and kids' solutions, go to or or search YouTube for Destination Imagination Instant Challenges or Destination Imagination Global Tournament.

Look in students' Friday Folders for information about a hands-on exploratory meeting that will give students a real taste of Destination Imagination in mid-September!  If your student has not joined DI by late-October, they will probably have to wait until the following year to participate.