2022 Strategic Plan

At their June 13, 2022 Meeting, the Grand Ledge Public Schools Board of Education approved the Mission, Vision and Belief Statements, as well as the Goal Statements for the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan as developed by the Strategic Planning Team during a retreat workshop held on May 14, 2022. The Strategic Planning Team consisted of 35 parents/guardians, community members, board members, educational partners, students and staff members.  

Work will now begin on the implementation plan.

GLPS Mission, Vision, Beliefs, & Focus Areas



"Growing Learners, Preparing Students (GLPS)"



"Grand Ledge Public Schools will provide every student a high-quality education, critical thinking skills, and social development to reach their highest potential in a safe and inclusive environment."



  • "We believe all students can learn."
  • "We believe it is the role of the school district to provide support and access for all students."
  • "We believe in an inclusive learning environment where every person is valued."
  • "We believe the GLPS staff are professionals who are vital to the health and future of the Grand Ledge community."
  • "We believe in a safe, inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and learn the skills they need to thrive in their communities."
  • "We believe in partnerships between the family, community, and education stakeholders for the success of GLPS."


2022-2027 Strategic Goals


Goal Area 1:  Academics & Programs

GLPS will align academic programs to meet individual needs and improve student achievement.


Goal Area 2:  Learning Environment & Culture

GLPS will develop and maintain a robust and sustainable culture focusing on diverse goals, needs, and experiences for all individuals.


Goal Area 3:  Communication & Community Engagement

GLPS will provide concise, regular, and proactive communication to all stakeholders and will foster meaningful community engagement.


Goal Area 4:  Personnel & Leadership

GLPS will recruit, develop, and retain high quality staff who meet the growing and diverse needs of students and the district.


Goal Area 5:  Operations

GLPS will continuously assess and improve operational needs to support a safe learning environment.


Click the image below to view the full 2022-2027 Strategic Plan Summary Document.

                                2022-2027 Strategic Plan Summary Document




STRATEGIC PLAN:  A document used to communicate with the organization the organization's goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.


At their February 28, 2022 Regular Meeting, the Grand Ledge Board of Education approved partnering with the Michigan Association of School Boards to develop its newest Strategic Plan.  

Below is the presentation the Michigan Association of School Boards presented to the Board of Education at their February 14, 2022 meeting outlining the process.

                                      Tap / Click to view the MASB Presentation of Strategic Planning Services


There are opportunities for students, staff, parents and community members to provide input for the development of the plan that will continue to move Grand Ledge Public Schools forward.