Welcome to the Grand Ledge Public Schools Operations Department. Our department staff are committed to our mission: “To provide safe, clean, healthy and comfortable learning environments that are flexible, efficiently operated to support learning, district programs and services”.

Department Programs include:
  • Custodial Cleaning
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Grounds Care
  • District Warehouse & Courier 
  • Pupil Transportation
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Security & Emergency Management
  • Archival of Student Records
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Programs


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Kyle Root

Assistant Director

Samantha Athy

Administrative Assistant

Grounds Team

Ron Bohnet
Jody Bucholtz
Jeff Graszler
Pat Malloy
Richard VanCleave

Maintenance Team

Dave Jolley
Robert Karlik
Lance Mayes
Seth Myers
Evan Sabin
Martin Schaeding
Gordon Tallman


Sara Baum
Karen Block
Ken Callison
Deann Dechelbor
John Dechelbor
Kyleann Dechelbor
Dale Dunn
Mark Finzel
Sarah Fisher
David Haman
Samantha Heinritz
Steven Heinritz
Michelle Ignatowski
Tayah Lee
Kelly Lesatz
Robert Logan
Angie Masseau
Paul Mauti
Kelley McCall
Shaylin McCann
Joe Middleton
Jason Miller
Sherise Minor
Tomi Moline
Melissa Neff
Jessica O'Brien
Judy O'Brien
Cheyenne Peabody
Evan Petersen
Ed Reichstetter
Sarra Ruiz
Cathy Shoemaker
Robert Snyder
Laura Sommerlot
Alexa Sprunger
Ed Stableton
Danny Stoneham
Anneliese Thorshov
Ricardo Valles
Keri Weir