Neff Early Childhood Center

Welcome to Neff Early Childhood Center!

ENROLL NOW FOR KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION!  To be eligible to enter Kindergarten or Begindergarten (BK), your child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2023, however parents can fill out a waiver if they will turn five between September 2 and December 1.

Please enroll your child in kindergarten by starting the process at


The district's participation in the Schools of Choice Program is determined by the Board of Education each year, and for the 2023-2024 school year the Board allowed unlimited schools of choice for grades K-9.  The online application will be on our website from April 10, 2023, through August 13, 2023.  Grades 10-12 may still apply as release students for the 2023-2024 school year, and that application will begin being available April 10, 2023.  Upon completion of the online application, you will receive an email explaining the next steps.

IMPORTANT: Transportation to and from our district will be the responsibility of the parent for any SOC student.

We have FOUR programs operating at Neff Early Childhood Center.

  • Little Comets Preschool (LCP)

    Neff's Little Comets Preschool office phone number is 517-925-5640.  Breanna Cleeves is the Director of Little Comets Preschools at both Neff ECC and Delta Mills ECC.  This is a tuition-based preschool program that offers full-time and part-time preschool.  Children must be 2-years-old by December 1st (for the 2-year-old full-day class).  Little Comets Preschool (LCP) offers full-day and part-time classes for 3 and 4-year-olds.  Please visit the Little Comets Preschool website to learn more regarding rates, curriculum, staff, etc.  Hours are 6:45 am - 6:00 pm.  Self-transport only.  Full-day preschool is open year-round as they offer a full-day Summer Camp program.  Students must be potty trained to be in the 3 and 4-year-old classrooms.  Our other Preschool is at the Delta Mills Early Childhood Center located in Delta Township.

  • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

    The Neff office phone number is 517-925-5640, but it is a shared office so be sure to indicate you are calling about ECSE.  The principal of ECSE is Tricia Brentar.  ECSE is a program where students have an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) with eligibility (such as Speech or ASD).  Students needing referrals can inquire through Build Up Michigan for screenings: or call (517) 541-8937.  This ECSE program is for 3-5 year-olds and has half-day or full-day options – depending on student needs (held Mondays through Thursdays).  Half-day times are: 8:25 - 11:35 am OR 12:20 - 3:30 pm.  Full-day M-TH option is from 8:25 am - 3:30p m.  Students can be transported via Dean Transportation or may self-transport.

  • Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)

    The Neff office phone number is 517-925-5640, but it is a shared office so be sure to indicate you are calling about GSRP.  This program is managed by Eaton RESA (in Charlotte), and Jen McCaffrey is the GSRP Supervisor – phone number is 517-541-8761.  GSRP is a state-funded program that serves children who are age 4 by September 1st.  Applications are made through the website at – or call 517-541-8724.  Families must meet specific qualifications.  This is a full-day preschool program that runs Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm (three classes). Self-transport only (unless your child has an IEP – then they may ride the Dean Transportation bus). 

  • Head Start Program (HS)

    The Neff office phone number is 517-925-5640, but it is a shared office so be sure to indicate you are calling about Head Start.  Nancy Pearsall is the Head Start Supervisor, her phone number is 517-643-5864, and her email is  The Family Advocate is Jenna Weisz, and her email is  The teachers are Darlene Morgan and Roshanda Watson-Doyle.  Head Start is a federally-funded school readiness program for preschool children whose families meet the income requirements set by the federal Head Start program.  There are two full-day classes from 8:00 am - 3:15 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Most students are 4-year-olds, but if there are openings, 3-year--olds have enrolled.  Submit applications through the website at – or  517-541-8724.