Everson Guild Award

In August, when students come to Beagle they learn about Comet PRIDE, they learn about being Positive, and Respectful, having Integrity, and determination, and always giving their best effort.  In the summer of 2017, Grand Ledge lost someone who always showed his Comet PRIDE.  Everson Guild tragically passed away before the start of his freshman year.  Those who knew him, knew that he was a vibrant spirit who wanted to get the most out of everyday by making Hayes (before the move to Beagle) the best place it could be. Whether it was always trying his hardest in track, even if he wasn't the fastest, or wearing a Santa costume on spirit days, or inviting new students to sit with him at lunch or be part of his group, Everson truly showed Comet Pride everyday.

As we celebrate all of our students efforts to show Comet PRIDE each year, the staff at Beagle Middle School will take a moment to give a special recognition to student(s) whom we feel demonstrated their Comet PRIDE in many of the same ways Everson did.  These students, like Everson, make Beagle a better place to be.