Put children first A qualified school board candidate should believe that every student deserves an equal, quality education. They should have a true commitment to the successful future of all students in the district and a proven history of advocacy on their behalf. 

No personal or political agenda Board candidates shouldn’t be running on their own personal agenda or political aspirations. Instead, they must have a passion for public education and believe that all students are entitled to a quality education. 

Provide leadership A qualified school board candidate should be passionate about moving the district forward. To accomplish this, a candidate needs to be an innovative problem solver who’s effective in building consensus and isn’t adverse to change and reform. 

Appreciate diversity A qualified candidate values the diversity of cultures and demonstrates a willingness to address the social needs of all children and their families. 

Understand budget and finances Qualified school board candidates must under- stand their role as fiscal managers of the district with the responsibility of dedicating resources to the priorities of the district while maintaining a balanced budget. 

Know educational policy A qualified school board candidate should be somewhat familiar with education policy and the role of the school board in policy making. 

Demonstrate integrity A qualified school board candidate must be a person who has demonstrated honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and adheres to a high ethical standard. 

Understands community outreach A qualified school board candidate understands the importance of engaging the community in the school board’s decision-making process. 

Expects accountability A qualified school board candidate must be able to hold the superintendent accountable to the goals of the district and in turn recognize they are accountable to the community.