Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Policy

Student academic achievement is the district’s highest priority in its pursuit of excellence.

Grand Ledge Board of Education trustees provide untiring dedication and leadership to capture the direction and high expectations for student achievement that is held by the community. They develop policies and make tough decisions to help children think, work, solve problems and become solid citizens. Their decisions and actions affect the lives of the community’s children.



"Growing Learners, Preparing Students (GLPS)"



"Grand Ledge Public Schools will provide every student a high-quality education, critical thinking skills, and social development to reach their highest potential in a safe and inclusive environment."



"We believe all students can learn."

"We believe it is the role of the school district to provide support and access for all students."

"We believe in an inclusive learning environment where every person is valued."

"We believe the GLPS staff are professionals who are vital to the health and future of the Grand Ledge community."

"We believe in a safe, inclusive environment where students can explore their interests and learn the skills they need to thrive in their communities."

"We believe in partnerships between the family, community, and education stakeholders for the success of GLPS."


Board Policies


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