About Holbrook

High academic achievement is a priority at Holbrook Elementary. However, we believe that in order for every child to achieve their highest potential, they need to develop their social emotional learning and be taught behavioral expectations so that they can become healthy citizens. The Behavior Expectations we teach fall under the belief that we are:

  • Positive 
  • Respectful 
  • Inclusive 
  • Determined
  • Empathetic 

Otherwise referred to Holbrook PRIDE!

We continue to utilize the Peaceful Playgrounds program, the purpose of which is to provide our students with many choices of activities to play during recess that encourage their safe and active involvement. If you visit our playground, you are sure to see students playing on our equipment or playing Peaceful Playgrounds games, such as 4-square, Long Ball, or Four Corners, to name a few. More information about Peaceful Playgrounds can be found at www.peacefulplaygrounds.com.

Our Programs
We offer student programming beginning in Begindergarten through fourth grade. We maintain class sizes for our begindergarten learners between 23-25 students per class; 26-28 students per class in grades Kindergarten - 2nd, and 28-31 students per class in grades 3rd - 4th. Holbrook is a Title I school that offers reading intervention to all students who qualify for the additional support. Additionally, Holbrook employs a building interventionist to assist teachers and students with academic and behavioral supports, as well as a math interventionist to provide students with additional small group math support. All students at Holbrook have access to our school counselor for whole-class and small group or individual counseling lessons. All students also get support from our Dean of Students who assists with student behavior. 

Holbrook as a High Performing and Improving School 
High performing and improving schools have clear and specific student achievement goals, including goals to reduce achievement gaps linked to poverty and minority status. The goals are typically specified in terms of performance on state assessments.

In an effort to become a high performing and improving school, Holbrook organizes teachers into collaborative teams (grade level teams). Teacher teams work with student data—usually short-cycle or formative assessment data - to:

  • Plan standards-based curriculum units;
  • Teach those units simultaneously;
  • Debrief on how successful the units were; and 
  • Make changes when student performance does not meet expectations.

This collaborative teamwork makes instruction “public” over time by identifying a set of instructional strategies that work. Over time all teachers are expected to use the instructional strategies that have been demonstrated to improve student learning and achievement.

Holbrook will exhibit multiple forms of leadership. Teachers lead by coordinating collaborative teams and through instructional coaching. The principal leads by structuring the school to foster instructional improvement. The district leads by ensuring that Holbrook has the resources to deploy the strategies outlined above with a focus on aggressive student performance goals, improving instructional practice and taking responsibility for student achievement results.


Kindergarten 2023-2024

Please visit the below link for information regarding Kindergarten at Holbrook.

Holbrook Kindergarten Letter

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