About Our School



About Beagle ELEMENTARY School

Beagle Elementary is a school of approximately 550 students in grades 1 - 6, located in the city of Grand Ledge near Grand Ledge High School and Neff Kindergarten Center.  We have been an elementary school since the 2010-11 school year. 

Beagle Elementary is focused on continual improvement in student achievement.  As such, we are involved in several initiatives that will improve student achievement and behavior.  Like all schools in our district, we are a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school.  Our acronym is Beagle ROCKS!  We focus on Respect, Ownership, Cooperation, Kindness, and Safety in all areas of our school.  These five attributes, when combined with an incredibly dedicated staff, make Beagle a wonderful place to work and learn! 

We continue to utilize the Peaceful Playgrounds program, the purpose of which is to provide our students with many choices of activities to play during recess that encourage their safe and active involvement.  If you visit our playground, you are sure to see students playing on our equipment or playing Peaceful Playgrounds games, such as 4-square, Long Ball, or Four Corners, to name a few. More information about Peaceful Playgrounds can be found at www.peacefulplaygrounds.com.