GLPS Facility Dog Program

Gravy at Birthday Party
Alfie at stadium


GLPS Facility Dog Program

GLPS Facility Dog Program and Canines for Change

The Grand Ledge Public Schools Facility Dog Program was started and continues in collaboration with Canines for Change, and GLPS has placed a facility dog in every school building.


What is a facility dog?

Facility dogs are working dogs that have been trained to help multiple people in a facility like a hospital, nursing home, or school.  Facility dogs are like therapy dogs except instead of traveling to different locations, they work in the same place every day. 


What will the facility dogs do in our schools?

Our facility dogs will be available to staff and students who wish to interact with them in different ways such as reading, practicing math facts, or just cuddling and spending time. Our facility dogs can also be utilized for PT exercises, breaks, crisis intervention, communication, and friendship building among many other things.



Abu with Teresa DyerAbu works at Delta Center Elementary, and principal Teresa Dyer is Abu's host.



Alfie with Jill FordAlfie works at Willow Ridge Elementary, and teacher Jill Ford is Alfie's host.


Photo coming...Clover works at the Sawdon Administration Building, and the business office's accounts payable technician Laura Konen is Clover's host.



Diesel with Katie GregoryDiesel works at Holbrook Elementary, and teacher Katie Gregory is Diesel's host.


Photo coming...Gravy works at Grand Ledge High School, and dean of students Maria Capra is Gravy's host.



Photo coming...Gretyl works at Beagle Middle School, and teacher Lisa Henning is Gretyl's host.



Photo coming...Lucy works at Delta Mills & Neff Early Childhood Centers, and teaching assistant Vicky Campos-Rodriguez is Lucy's host.

Lucy was in a segment on Fox 47 News, highlighting her support of the MSU community.


Sandee with Sara TaylorSandee works at Wacousta Elementary, and secretary Sara Taylor is Sandee's host.


Photo coming...Sheldon works at Hayes Intermediate School, and teacher Jeff Palacios is Sheldon's host.