Little Comets Parent Testimonials


Below are some of the wonderful comments we have received from parents.  Enjoy ~ 

This is our son's first year of school and we could not be happier with our choice! Ms. Carmen is an absolute treasure. Our son adores her and she has made his transition into school so easy. He has learned so much in the short two months he has been there and we could not be more grateful. Ms. Monica is such a fantastic addition to the classroom. Our son has a few tears now and then at drop off, but he is so comfortable with her and she quickly eases his fears. The office staff has smiles to share every morning and have been nothing but helpful. We cannot recommend Delta Mills more! Your child will flourish and as a parent, you will too! 

 -Wade and Bailey Dickinson 

"There is so much we can say but we won't have time for that, so we will say this. This past year has been full of smiles and lots of laughter. LeeAnna has done such an amazing job growing. We also have seen so much change in her at home when it comes to the family. Thank you Delta Mills for a wonderful year."

 - Michal and Chad (LeeAnna)


"Rithvik had fun throughout the year. He learned many things from the school, and started teaching us about Zoo-Phonics, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, weather man, "Question of the Day" and often tells us the theme of the project that they worked on. He also enjoys his daily activities and homework. He learned to write his name, started writing words for each letter of the alphabet and identifies the starting letter of any random word when I ask him."

 - Saradha & Raghavan (Rithvik) 


"Ms. Carmen is the kind of teacher you always hope your child will get! She has met Noah and Isobel each at their unique levels and helped them grow as both learners and humans. Everyday Ms. Carmen welcomes her students with energy and excitement. It doesn't go without notice the amount of her personal time she spends on making her learning stations fun, engaging and education for all of her diverse learners!" 

 - Britney Becht (Noah and Isobel) 


"Thanks to Ms. Carmen for putting so much hard work in the growth and development of Reyansh. I can see the difference. He now take far more interest in doing his homework because of the feedback he gets in the monthly homework sheet. Reyansh's social skills have also improved, he is more friendly with other kids, he has developed a special bond with Ms. Carmen. We thank Ms. Carmen from the bottom of our hearts." 

 - Rajesh Singh (Reyansh)  


"Clover started off a bit shy, but has since fallen in love with her teachers and friends! She loves her Delta Mills Preschool!!!" 

 - Danielle Nelson (Clover)



"My son Grant loves both his teachers and the kids in his class. He looks forward to school and is learning so much! The teachers have helped in his educational, emotional and personal growth. As a parent I couldn't want any more! Thanks!"

 - Megan McGeorge (Grant)