Immunization Update


Schools in Michigan are required to report the immunization status of all children entering kindergarten, all 6th grade students, and all children 11 through 18 years of age who are changing school districts.

All students must have documentation from a health professional of the following immunizations:









Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)



Hepatitis B

This is a series of three shots.


Chickenpox (Varicella)

After 12 months of age – or the approximate date of chickenpox disease



11-18 year old students

Complete Series

Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (CTP,DtaP, DT or TD) With 1 Dose of Tdap within the last 5 years

For incoming 6th graders & 11-18 year old students changing school districts



These immunization requirements help assure all school-aged children are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

If your child needs immunizations, contact your physician or the local health department. If you have questions regarding school immunization requirements, contact the Barry-Eaton District Health Department at 485-7110.

If you hold religious or philosophical beliefs against vaccination, you must sign an Immunization Waiver Form, which is available at your school office. If your child has a medical condition precluding him/her from receiving vaccinations, you must sign a Medical Contraindication Form, also available from your school office. 

As your child’s immunizations are updated, please provide documentation to your school. 

We thank you in advance for assisting us in keeping this important piece of information up-to-date.