Who To Contact

Who to Contact When Situations Arise: Our administrative and student services team members work very closely on all matters; however, we have different roles.  In an effort to ensure we are meeting the needs of our parents and students in a timely manner, we wanted to provide some insight regarding our roles in conjunction with introducing our team members. This will help parents know who to contact regarding various needs, issues, or concerns: 

Counseling staff

Mrs. Malkewitz and Mrs. Weaver 

  • Our counseling staff manages 504 plans
  • Address social or emotional concerns
  • Attendance concerns
  • Peer conflicts and restorative practices  

Our counselors are available to speak with parents regarding the aforementioned areas throughout the school day.  

Mrs. Malkewitz can be reached at malkewitzk@glcomets.net(students' last names A- LEE)

Mrs. Weaver can be reached at weavers@glcomets.net (students' last name LEF-Z)

Student Success Coordinators

Mr. Lester and Ms. Moore

Our Student Success Coordinators also support the counseling staff in their capacity with the exception of 504 plans.  

Support students from a behavioral and academic standpoint in a variety of ways, including working with teaching staff in a variety of ways to better support students.

  • Restorative practices
  • Safety and supervision

Mr. Lester can be reached at lesterw@glcomets.net

Ms. Moore can be reached at badwoundmoorek@glcomets.net

Administrative Team

Ms. Moore, Dean of Students; Mrs. Shumway, Assistant Principal; and Mr. Kushman, Principal

The administrative team works together regarding discipline, and they also support the student services team members on many fronts.  

  • Safety, supervision, and management

Ms. Moore can be reached at badwoundmoorek@glcomets.net

Mrs. Shumway can be reached at shumwayk@glcomets.net

Mr. Kushman can be reached at kushmand@glcomets.net

School Resource Officer

Mrs. Brown, Grand Ledge Police Department

Supports the administrative team in a variety of ways

  • Ensures the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Mrs. Brown can be reached at browna@glcomets.net

Please note that if you have concerns regarding a staff member and your student, contact the staff member directly first.  If the situation is not resolved in an acceptable manner, then contact Mrs. Shumway or Mr. Kushman.

Questions regarding middle school athletics should be directed to Mr. Price at pricej@glcomets.net