Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pick-Up:

Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pick-Up: To ensure the safety and proper supervision of our students, we open our doors for students at 7:37am.  Parents may, however, drop students off at the front of the building with the understanding that until 7:35am, there will not be direct supervision of students outside.  We kindly request that if you have to drop your child off early, that you tell them to remain at the front of the building where they can be in the view of secretarial staff.  The South Street crosswalk and the crosswalk in front of our building will consistently be supervised by school staff from 7:35-7:50am and 2:32-2:42pm; the roundabout to the South of the building will not be supervised by school staff.  Therefore, we strongly discourage students using the roundabout on the South end of the school.  If students do use the roundabout to the South of the school, we encourage parents to supervise their crossing.  We encourage parents to drop their children off using the innermost lane closest to the building as the outer lane is for passing only.  If students are dropped off in the parking lot, then students must be crossed by our crossing guard near our main entrance for their safety.  Finally, students that travel to the high school for after school clubs and recreation must use South Street and Spring Street to do so for their safety; this ensures that students enter the high school from the front of the building as expected. 

Bus Riders: Bus riders are dropped off at the back of Beagle each day, and this will be monitored by school staff.  Once students exit the bus, they will enter the building using the West to East travel corridor that separates the gymnasium from the pool area.  This area will also be monitored by school staff.  Bus riders will enter the building beginning at 7:37am.  At the end of the school day, however, students may use any exit at or near the back of the building to board their bus. This year, the majority of our middle school students will not have to transition buses at the high school like they did last year, which means that once our middle schoolers are on the bus and depart from Beagle, they will be able to stay on that same bus when they arrive at the high school.  Students that do not follow the expectation of boarding their bus at Beagle and walk to the high school will not be allowed to board their bus. These expectations are in place to ensure appropriate safety and supervision of our students.