PSAT Scores


PSAT 8/9 scores will be released to students in their College Board accounts beginning Friday, May 20, 2022. Some students’ scores may be released later due to testing in the accommodated testing window, missing information on the answer sheet, answer sheets received late, or other exceptional conditions that require additional attention. Scores for these students will be released daily as they become available. 

Students will need to create a college board account in order to view their scores by visiting the link below 

The information below explains how to obtain your PSAT 8 Scores.

Get Your PSAT 8 Scores

Students will need to create a College Board account to access their scores.  Click the link below to create an account:

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What Your Scores Look Like

The scoring on these tests will give you better insights into your strengths. Learn how it all adds up. Click the link below.

Score Structure

Score Reports

Online and paper score reports show what you’re doing well and where to focus. Click the link below:

Student Score Reports

What Your Scores Mean

Learn what a benchmark is, what percentiles can tell you, and more. Click the link below:

Understanding Scores

Who Sees Your Scores

Find out who receives your PSAT 8/9 scores—and who doesn’t. Click the link below:

Who Sees Your Scores

Additional PSAT 8 Resources about your scores:

PSAT 8: Understanding your Scores

Sample PSAT 8 Score Report