MS Wrestlers Helping

Take our middle school wrestlers, for example.  Here's something that was shared with Mr. Kushman, Principal of Beagle Middle School: "I just wanted to share how proud all of us parents are of these boys and their coaches.  Wednesday afternoon both wrestling coaches reached out to all of the parents to see if any of the boys would be interested in helping those in need shovel/clear their driveways and sidewalks, in the GL area, on Thursday should there be another snow day.  An overwhelming “Yes!” response was received by the boys so Coach Cohoon put a FB post out to the community to compile a list of people needing snow removal help.  With transportation help from coaches and parents the boys were able to help 20 residents clear their driveways yesterday morning.  Community members saw them out and about and posted positive FB posts about the boys' service to the community sites.  A lady even posted a short video of the boys hard at work.  Everyone that they helped were so thankful for the boys. The exceptional teachers, administrators and coaches make me proud to be a life long GL Comet and the parent of Jr. Comets.  Great job GL Middle School Wrestlers!"





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