March 17, 2023

Dear Beagle Middle School Parents, 

Goodbye Mrs. Felsing, Welcome Mr. Wetherwax:  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Sarah Felsing for her 21 years of dedication to teaching at the middle level here in Grand Ledge.  Over the years, Mrs. Felsing has built many strong, positive relationships with students and families as an outstanding educator.  Mrs. Felsing is moving onto the next chapter of her career by working at Eaton RESA in a capacity that will allow her to support both students and teachers across the entire county and beyond.  We wish her well, and we know that she will keep in touch with Beagle Middle moving forward.  We would also like to introduce Mr. Bryan Wetherwax, a veteran Social Studies teacher coming to us from Ionia Public Schools.  Mr. Wetherwax has a very strong background in history at various levels, and we know he will be a great addition to the Beagle family and to the community.  Mr. Wetherwax will be taking over Mrs. Felsing’s classes on Monday next week.  

7th Grade Scheduling Presentations:  Yesterday, we met with all 7th grade students in the media to discuss requesting elective courses for next year.  Students were supposed to complete their elective course request google form with parents last night; the form was sent to all 7th grade students’ emails last night.  If you did not have a chance to complete the elective request google form with your student last night, please do so this weekend as Science teachers will be supporting students with the next step of the process beginning on Monday: placing elective course requests from the google form into PowerSchool.  The reason we ask students to complete the google form with their parents is to ensure that parents approve of elective course requests before they are placed in PowerSchool.  We appreciate parent support here, and please note that elective requests are simply that–requests.  While we do our best to honor as many elective requests as possible, we are extremely limited with our master schedule to accommodate all requests.  Therefore, it’s important to ensure students are requesting all four alternative elective requests even if they have chosen two year-long elective courses.  

Elective Roadshow at Hayes:  We will be heading over to Hayes Intermediate to meet with our rising 7th graders after Spring Break.  We have engaged in this practice for the past four years, and current 6th grade teachers will support their students in making elective course requests for next year within PowerSchool during that time frame. 

End of the 2nd Trimester - March 17: The end of the 2nd Trimester will be on March 17. Most students will keep their existing schedule, however, students who chose trimester electives will change to a new elective on March 20th. This schedule is already visible in PowerSchool and has been available since August. Unfortunately, schedule change requests cannot be honored. Students were placed in electives that they chose last spring and we have constructed the master schedule around these requests.

Joint Hayes/Beagle PTO Meetings: The next PTO meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 21st.  We welcome parents to attend our PTO meetings either in-person here at Beagle or virtually.  If interested in attending virtually, here is the link:

Students’ of the Week, Community, and Extra Curricular Resources:   To view our students of the week or to review additional community/extra curricular information on our webpage, then please click and then click on the appropriate icon on the left side of our homepage.  

These are all the updates we have at this time.  

Take care,

Dave and Eric