Little Comets Parent Testimonials


Below are some of the wonderful comments we have received from parents.  Enjoy ~


We wholeheartedly recommend Little Comets Preschool.  We appreciated the 3-day-a-week option, as it was perfect for our schedule and a complimentary balance of home/school for our Jaylen.  The early drop-off and later pick-up times were convenient, and we felt comfortable with this because she loved the social playtime.  Miss Taurie has been wonderful with the right blend of artistic, musical, and exploratory academic learning.  Everyone at Little Comets Preschool knows our daughter and shows our family true caring and support.  As Jaylen chants:  "Get messy and make mistakes"...a perfect launch for our preschooler!

 - Greg and Jamie Losch (Jaylen) Feb. 2017


We are beyond pleased with all of the staff and facilities involved in the Little Comets Preschool program.  Our child is excited for school days and is even more excited to tell us about the day at pick up.  We are looking forward to another exciting school year with this program.

 - Kimberly Wheat (Owen) Feb. 2017


The Little Comets Preschool program has been a wonderful place and we feel happy and lucky to have found this program for our son Sid.  This program being the first learning place outside of the home, we were quite anxious to find the best and most loved place by Sid.  We are thrilled to realize how much and how well the 2 1/2 hours school time in the half day program is utilized and the knowledge gained by students is surprising.  Our many thanks to the program and Ms. Jill for their effort and contribution to make this program a perfect place for our child.

- Manohar / Pooja Shankar (Sid) Feb. 2017


Little Comets Preschool is a very professionally run organization.  The staff's teachers have the best interest of the children.  We have been at Little Comets since the winter of 2014!  Ms. Bree and Ms. Jill are both very welcoming and you can sure tell they enjoy their jobs!

 - Teresa Girbble (Iris) Feb. 2017


Great Staff ~ Friendly, welcoming, good communication, including being responsive to emails.  A fun and safe learning environment!

 - Andrea Conarton (Travis) Feb. 2017


Mrs. Kristin is amazing!  The love she has for all of her students warms my heart!  Our son has learned so much and is so excited to sing us every song he learns.  The teachers are truly amazing people and it takes someone special.  I feel every teacher and the whole office staff have the very best program and really love what they do.  We love Holbrook!

 - Lauren Large & Jeremy Swainsten (CJ) Feb. 2017


The Little Comets Preschool Program has been a wonderful experience for my three year old!  The staff at Holbrook provides a very friendly and warm environment for both the children and their families.  The teachers/director are consistently in contact with the parents, and are quick to address any questions or concerns.  Most importantly, we love the curriculum guide for the program!  My daughter never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge she gains from school.  She is always excited to attend class and share with me the adventures she has.  My daughter’s participation in the program has most definitely helped to shape the person she is today.  We are very delighted and thankful to be a part of the family at Holbrook Early Childhood Center!

 - Jennifer McNamara (Aubrey)


I have been so impressed with how well your program ran during its first year.  The staff is AMAZING!  Every day at drop-off and pick-up time, I am greeted with friendly, happy faces.  When choosing Little Comets’ Preschool, I had no idea how much it would benefit my daughter.  When she started, she knew a few numbers and letters.  Not only does she now know numbers past 10 and all of her letters and sounds, she is also able to sound out short words.  On top of that, she has learned problem solving skills ad how to be a good friend.  THANK YOU for everything you have done to make this such a great year for my daughter.  She cannot wait to come back next year!

 - Abby Taylor (Lottie)


In just a few short months, I have seen my twin boys flourish both academically and socially.  I love that they are encouraged to do things on their own and pursue their own interests instead of being seen as a “package.”

 - Jenny Welling (Ben & Aiden)


All of the staff at Holbrook is very friendly and makes the preschool program feel like family.  In just a short time, my daughter has learned so much from the program and I would refer the Little Comets Preschool to anyone with a little one.

 - Stephanie Wilson (Kendall)


My son has blossomed so much since attending Holbrook.  I began the year worried that he wouldn’t be ready for kindergarten but after four wonderful months he is writing, speaking Spanish, counting and singing.  He loves preschool and I thank Holbrook for that!

 - Sarah Struthers (Noah)


My daughter loves coming to a big girl school!  I think she feels special going to an actual school building – just like her big brother and sister.  The projects they do are simply adorable and she is so excited to tell me about them at the end of the day.  The staff is wonderful and great about adapting to the individual needs of each child.

 - Kim Morrison (Alexis)


I have seen growth in my son since he has been at Little Comets Preschool, in both academics and social skills.  They are a great group of teachers and my son loves every day that he attends.

 - Lee Ford (Morgan)


What a wonderful program!  My daughter loves to share with me what she learns every day at Holbrook.  Fantastic kindergarten preparation!  Thank you to the staff at Holbrook!

 - Kristina Kidder (Sydney)


Our daughter loves coming to school and has made a lot of good friends!  She is learning her letters and sounds quickly, and loves learning here!

 - Jessica Wright (Savannah)


The Little Comets Preschool has been an OUTSTANDING opportunity for our preschooler!  He has learned so much in just a few short months.  I only wish we could have sent him here as a three year old.

 - Matt Szydlowski (Owen)


I couldn't’t be happier with the preschool program.  My daughter seems to be growing every day.  She has better manners, and is making friends.  She comes home knowing something new each day!

 - Heather Peake (Ella)


I really appreciate the friendliness of all the staff.  They make dropping my son off that much easier and I know he is in good hands when he is at Holbrook.

 - Ewa Wolek (Octavian)


The school is convenient, clean and safe.  All the staff is always willing to help in any way and they do it with a smile.  Our daughter is learning in a fun environment and comes home happy each day.

 - Dawn & Todd Byers (Neven)


The staff really care about each and every student.  I can tell that they consider teaching to be more than just a job.

 - Amy Heriford (Noah)


The teachers are fantastic!  My son’s teacher has taught him so much during the last nine months.  We would highly recommend the education you receive at your program.  My son is more prepared for kindergarten than my daughter was after attending two years of preschool at another local center.

 - Melissa Hatfield (Preston)


 You guys have a wonderful preschool program going!  My little one is learning something new each day and the songs she learns are being sung daily, which I love!  She can now tell me the months of the year, days of the week, spell words, tell me the difference between shapes, etc.  It's GREAT!

 - Krystal Morgan (Christina)