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May 31, 2024

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Your child’s medication(s) must be picked up at school on or before June 14.  If your student is attending summer learning, please contact your building's office to make arrangements to leave your medication for summer learning.

Getting Ready to Move

It's CRUNCH TIME!  Just two weeks left to get our building packed up for the big move to the new school.  We could use all the help we can get to build boxes during school hours! If you have any availability between 8am and 4pm in the next two weeks, please sign up below, or feel free to just stop by the office to help.  We would be so grateful for your assistance!

Please sign-up here:

4th Grade Recognition

4th Grade Families, mark your calendars! Our annual Fourth Grade Recognition Program will take place on Monday, June 10th, at 6:00 p.m. in the school gym.  We look forward to having you join us for the special event.  

Music Share Day

Music Share Day is coming up! Students in grades 2-4 have the opportunity to perform during music class. This is not a requirement. Students who perform should come prepared to sing, play or dance a short song (1-2 minutes). They are encouraged to perform something they’ve practiced. Students may use the piano or ukulele in the music room or bring an instrument from home (if it fits in their backpack). If you have questions, email Cathy Fox at  FoxC@glcomets.net

Second Grade:
Hurth: June 6
          Dufresne and Watts: June 7

Third Grade: 
          Detmers: June 3 
          Losch and Sewick: June 4

Fourth Grade:
          Schieding: June 12
          Strouse and Dinsmore: June 13

Ukuleles for Sale:  We have 15 gently used ukuleles for sale at half price ($25). They are the same brand that students in grades 2-4 have been playing in music class. If you would like to purchase one, please send a check payable to Grand Ledge Public Schools. You can email questions to Cathy Fox at  FoxC@glcomets.net

Students of the Month

The following students are being recognized for their neighborly behavior in the classroom and with their fellow students. 
From left to right students names are listed below.

Upcoming Dates


2023/2024 School Year
June 14 Half-Day/Last Day of School w/dismissal at 12:10

Wacousta families!
If you are planning to move and not return to Wacousta for the 2024-25 school year, please contact the school office to let us know.  Also, if you know of any families new to our area or families with incoming kindergarten students, please encourage them to enroll their students at their earliest convenience.  Thank you!

Lunch Info

Week of June 3-June 7
Mon - Chicken Tenders
Tues - French Bread Pepperoni Pizza
Wed - French Toast Sticks
Thurs - Ham & Cheese Bagel
Fri - Turkey Corn Dog Nuggets
Daily- Soft Pretzel, Yogurt, String Cheese

You can find the Lunch Menus at https://www.glcomets.net/parentcommunityresources/lunchmenus/

Notes From the Office

Volunteer Opportunity

In preparation to begin packing for the move to the new building, we are seeking volunteers to come in and build boxes for our staff.  There is no set time to volunteer; just come in anytime the week that you sign up for, and we will have boxes ready for assembly!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Taylor at taylors@glcomet.net or Mrs. McKennon at mckennonj@glcomets.net.  

Please sign-up here:

Year Book

Yearbooks are typically handed out the last week of school.  If you did not order a yearbook on Picture Day, you may use this link to order:  https://store.geskusphoto.com/search/YB718  Yearbooks are included in some packages and if you are unsure if you have ordered one for your child(ren), please call the school and we'll be happy to let you know.  If you choose not to order a yearbook for your child(ren), we do give them an autograph sheet for their friends to sign at the time yearbooks are distributed.

Lunch Time Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who volunteers for our lunch time help!  You are so greatly appreciated during this busy time of the day.  If you haven't had a chance to volunteer previously, we are still in great need of support each day.  Please consider donating a few hours of time.  You can sign-up using this link.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E084DAEA629A4F85-lunch#/

  • Officers:
  • Jessica Ladd, President
  • Liz Bliesener, Vice President
  • Melissa Graeser, Treasurer
  • Tracy Johnson, Secretary

Box Tops for Education

Please continue to collect Box Tops for Education! This program is completely online now. To get the app please go to www.Boxtops4education.com

You can follow the Wacousta Elementary School PTIA on Facebook and email us at ptiawacousta@gmail.com

Absences & Health Reporting

It is imperative that you call the school to identify your student's absence whether it is for illness, vacation, or personal reasons.  Please identify the student by name and teacher. Identify the reason for the absence and if the student is ill include the symptoms, i.e. fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, congestion, pink eye, etc.  Student's must be 24 hours fever, vomiting or diarrhea free before returning to school.  If they have been diagnosed with a contagious illness such as pink eye they must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We are asking that you include both Mrs. Nichols (nicholsd@glcomets.net) and Mrs. Johnson (johnsont@glcomets.net) on all email communications.  It is very helpful in case one of them are out of the office.  Thank you for helping us keep the lines of communication open!

Arrival and Dismissal

When calling in for any of the following reasons please identify your student by first and last name, grade, and teacher.

School Arrival:  Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:40 a.m. since we do not have supervision available. If your student will be getting breakfast it is important that they arrive at the drop off time and go directly to the cafeteria.  Arriving late, makes them late for class start time at 9:00.

Late Arrivals:  If you know your child is going to be arriving late, please call or email the school office to let us know.  It is also helpful to let us know if they need a school lunch and which option they'd prefer.  We'll make sure to get that ordered for them.

School Dismissal:  School ends at 3:55 p.m.   All students should be picked up no later than 4:05 p.m.

Half-day Dismissal:  Is at 12:10 p.m.

Bus Riders: Will be escorted to their busses. 

Parent Pick Up Drive Thru Lane: If you are using the parent pick up drive thru to pick up your student(s), please continue to move up in the drive thru line and we'll get your student(s) to you.

Pick Up: If you are picking up your child and want to walk up to the parent pick up line to get them, please do not get in the parent pick up drive thru lane.  We ask that you park in a parking spot and walk to meet your child.  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT GO PAST THE CONES TO COLLECT YOUR CHILD.  WE HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION TO ENSURE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF THE STUDENTS.

Parent Pick-Up/Bus Changes:  If your student is an everyday bus rider and you are planning to  pick-up your child after school, or change from parent pick-up to riding the bus, please call the school office no later than 2:30 p.m.  We distribute the pick-up list to teachers and staff at this time and are unable to accommodate last minute changes.

 ~Thank you very much for your cooperation!


Absences:  If your student will be absent or becomes ill and cannot attend school, please call the office and let us know your students name, teacher, reason for absence and symptoms if ill. 

Absence Due to Dr. Visit:  If your student is absent due to a dr. visit, or illness that involved a dr. visit, please send in a copy of the dr. note indicating the dr. excused absence with included dates. Dr. excused absences do not go against the students attendance record. Thank you for your cooperation.

Illness Reminder

We ask that your child be 24 hours free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea before you send them back to school after they have been out sick.  We appreciate your cooperation with this!

COVID Reporting

To report a positive Covid case, please complete the Covid Reporting Form.


All medication needs to be brought to school by a parent/guardian.  This includes all over the counter medication (cough drops, Tylenol, etc).  Prescription and over the counter medications require a doctors order for the school to administer them, that includes creams or lotions. You will find medication documents at this link: medication and health information Click on School Health Information and Forms.

Birthday Celebrations

Due to the number of life-threatening allergies we have in our building, we respectfully request that you do not send in any type of food for birthday treats.  Mr. Groves celebrates each child by announcing their name during the morning announcements and he personally presents them with a birthday pencil.

If you so choose, you are welcome to bring in a non-edible treat for your child's classmates but they may not include any type of gum or candy.  Some parents choose to send in something small like a pencil or stickers, but that is up to each family.  It is definitely your choice and we understand that not all families are able to do something like this.

We also request that you do not send birthday invitations to school.  If you would like an address list, we will have School Directories available in the near future for $1.00.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Lost and Found

Is your student missing their jacket, hat, gloves, water bottle, lunch box?  Our lost and found table and coat rack are beginning to fill up again.  Stop in to reclaim items your student may have misplaced.

Extra Clothing

Future forecast? It's Spring in Michigan. Please make sure your student has appropriate outerwear so they are prepared for the weather. Please also check your students backpack for appropriate extra clothing.

If you are in need of assistance with clothing and outwear please contact the office. 

Thanks for your support and cooperation in keeping our kiddos prepared for the seasons.

District and Community News

Recognitions and Acknowledgements in the Upcoming Days
  • Jun. is LGBTQI+ Pride Month 
  • Jun. is National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • Jun. is Great Outdoors Month 
  • Jun. 5 » World Environment Day
  • Jun. 9-13 » National History Day Contest
  • Jun. 9 » Race Unity Day
  • Jun. 11-13 » Shavuot (Festival of Weeks)
  • Jun. 12 » Loving Day
  • Jun. 13 » Eastern Orthodox Ascension Day
  • Jun. 14 » Flag Day
  • Jun. 16 » Father’s Day
  • Jun. 16 » Holy Day of Arafah 
  • Jun. 17 » Eid al-Adha
  • Jun. 19 » Juneteenth
  • Jun. 20 » First Day of Summer
  • Jun. 21 » Litha
  • Jun. 25 » Eid al-Ghadeer
  • Jun. 28 - Jul. 4 » Fireworks Safety Week

 Is something missing? Please share with John Ellsworth, GLPS Director of Communications, any additional Recognitions & Acknowledgments you think we should include on this list or upcoming lists – email him at EllsworthJ@GLcomets.net.

May 31 is the last day to do survey! Act Now!

Healthy! Capital Counties (H!CC) has started a new cycle for its Community Health Assessment, which is done every three years in partnership with the tri-county area hospitals and health departments.

H!CC is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of our community through collaboration and data-driven programming. To better understand the needs and priorities of our residents and community, H!CC is conducting a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment Survey (CHNA).

H!CC is seeking input from the general community, health care providers, and community partners.


H!CC is a collaboration of the three Health Departments of Clinton (Mid-Michigan District Health Department), Eaton (Barry-Eaton District Health Department), and Ingham County (Ingham County Health Department) plus the hospital systems in the area (University of Michigan Health - Sparrow, McLaren of Greater Lansing, and Eaton Rapids Medical Center).

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Michigan Capital Region

Canines for Change

Eatran's New Grand Ledge Connector Service

Community Resources

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