GLPS Families,

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we conducted a more thorough investigation and did our threat assessment protocol regarding the concerning social media post that was circulated some in our community.  Again, we thank everyone who reported this concern; that allows us to investigate and prepare for any safety needs. Please remind students and others that reporting this type of information to authorities (school staff or the police) is helpful, but re-sharing unconfirmed images or information through social media is not helpful and does not help us maintain a safe learning environment. 

We have confirmed that the person who created the post lives in a different state and that our students and community are safe (we were not and are not in danger). We were able to contact that person's family and the local police where that person resides. They will continue the investigation, threat assessment, and intervention to ensure that people in that area are safe. While it is scary to see threatening social media posts, we are thankful that this post was not connected to Grand Ledge Public Schools or our community and that this person/post does not pose a threat to our school or community. We also are thankful we were able to connect with the appropriate people to continue the investigation, threat assessment, and intervention in the appropriate location.

Thank you to everyone: families, students, staff, community members!  And an extra thank you to the Grand Ledge Police Department for helping us with our efforts to keep our schools and community safe.

John Ellsworth

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