Survey Results.

Here is the complete tally of the results of ESSER III Stakeholder Survey.  The top five priorities were clear:

  • Providing mental health supports for staff and students
  • Programs, supplies, and/or staff to assist student learning
  • Providing additional supports for students identified as at risk
  • Providing interventions and other supplemental learning opportunities
  • Purchasing new technology for staff and students


ESSER Funds Survey

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Department of Education has released three grants for which local education agencies (K-12) can apply. These grants, which are part of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER) funding, provide school districts with one time emergency relief funds to address the impact COVID-19 has had on elementary and secondary schools.

Grand Ledge Public Schools is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for our students, so we will be applying for these funds. In order to maximize their use, we are seeking feedback from all district and community stakeholders to help determine how the District should best utilize ESSER funds to address ongoing COVID-19 recovery as it relates to the operations of the district and its impact on staff, students, and our community.

ESSER grants are allowed to be used for the following purposes if certain requirements are met:

  • Cleaning supplies and services
  • Educational technology
  • Mental health supports
  • Supplementary learning
  • Added needs for at risk students
  • Professional development for staff
  • Parent education
  • Programs, supplies, staffing to student learning
  • Improving air quality (i.e. air filters, air conditioning)
  • Improving district facilities
  • Implementing public health acts (supplies, added staff, etc.)

Please let us know your opinions by completing this brief survey by December 1st. We will review the results with our district-level professional learning team -- which includes staff, parents, and community members -- and we will submit our grant application by mid-December.

Results of this survey will be posted on this page of our website. Please note that all responses are anonymous, and results will be presented as an aggregate of responses.

Stakeholder Survey for ESSER Funds