GLPS letterhead

GLPS Families,

This week, we wanted to share an update to the district FAQ page with you. We have received some questions recently about district hiring practices and procedures, as well as questions about our volunteer background check process. To find answers to these questions, and many more, we invite you to visit, or simply click HERE. As it states in our strategic plan, “We believe the GLPS staff are professionals who are vital to the health and future of the Grand Ledge community,” and “We believe in partnerships between the family, community, and education stakeholders for the success of GLPS.” These beliefs are rooted in bringing the right people into our organization to work with our students, and creating opportunities for employees and volunteers to make a positive impact on our school community.

In addition to our FAQ update, we are excited this week to welcome community members to our weekly communication! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we have launched a new page on our website to help foster better communication with community members who do not have students in our schools. This is officially the first communication they are receiving from us! If you know someone who is interested in receiving district level updates, please direct them to, or click HERE. Again, our strategic plan specifically spells out the belief in a strong partnership between the school and community, and this new feature helps strengthen that bond.

As you know, we have a four day week next week; Friday starts our winter break. Those four days will no doubt be filled with fun activities and community building in our schools, and we look forward to a great week leading into break. As always, we appreciate your support, involvement, and engagement with us not only at this time of year, but every day. 

Have a wonderful weekend; #proudtobeacomet!

Dr. Bill Barnes

Dr. Bill Barnes
Superintendent of Schools