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April 26, 2024


GLPS Families,

We have arrived at the last weekend of April, and just as the grass is green, leaves are popping out, and flowers are blooming, things are changing around GLPS! Specifically, the bond projects continue to reshape our facilities, and we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony for the health center this week, so those are the areas I want to cover in this week’s update.

First, the new Wacousta is moving along well, and we are still on the timeline for being ready to open in the fall. Things are changing every day out there, and it is looking more and more like a school building. Here are pictures from today that show the progress that has been made; they look very different from the ones I shared with you in March!

In addition to Wacousta, there are other projects that are actively moving forward. Heating and cooling system along with roofing upgrades are underway at Neff, and starting in the first full week of May, construction on the new high school secure entrance will begin. As a reminder, the school store and attached classroom will become the new office area, while the current office area will house those programs. That will allow us to create a vestibule style entrance that prevents anyone from entering the building without going through the office first. Then, this summer, heating and cooling upgrades will begin there as well. In fact, contractors have been in the building after hours preparing the piping in the ceiling that will be part of the project. 

Later this summer and into the fall, the operations building will receive some heating and cooling upgrades, too. Willow Ridge and Hayes are on the docket next, and we are in the planning stages for both buildings. Willow Ridge will receive two new classrooms, along with a new secure entrance, and Hayes will also have upgraded classroom spaces and a new secure entrance. Both buildings will also receive heating and cooling upgrades. In addition, we are looking at traffic flow solutions for Nixon Rd., between Willow Ridge, Operations, and Hayes.  For a full picture of the bond, please visit our bond site by clicking here, or visiting

Shifting gears to the Grand Ledge Public Schools Health Center, we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, and the center has started to see patients! We had a lot of really positive news coverage, as the event was featured on all of the local news stations, as well as WKAR and WILS radio. As a reminder, your child needs a consent form on file with the clinic to access it, with a few exceptions outlined by Michigan law. So, please make sure you fill out a form and submit it to the center if you would like your child to have the option. If you have already filled out your consent form, please fill out the new patient paperwork and submit it to the health center if you have not already done so. Consent forms and new patient paperwork can be found on the GLPS Health Center page, or at the health center itself, located in room 118 or door 20 at Grand Ledge High School.

It is an exciting time to be a Comet; the district and our programs are providing students and families with wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your children every day. Thank you for your support; as always, I am #proudtobeacomet!

Dr. Bill Barnes
Superintendent of Schools

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