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GLPS Families,

Back in the fall, I had the opportunity to visit all of the PTO’s, PTIA’s and PTA’s in the district, and I discussed how much I appreciate parent/guardian involvement and engagement. Parent/Guardian involvement includes what you are doing here; it is staying informed, reading messages from the schools, and actively being a part of your child’s school community. It is important, because it keeps us all on the same page when it comes to what is happening in our schools and across the district. Parent/guardian engagement takes that one step further, as it includes taking part in activities that actively work to improve the school experience for students. This includes the aforementioned PTO/PTA/PTIA’s, booster groups, planning committees, maker spaces, and many other events and activities. We appreciate those of you who are engaged in these ways as well, as your work helps us create outstanding learning experiences for our students. 

In the spirit of parent/guardian engagement, I want to highlight two activities that show wonderful examples of how you are helping improve our district:

  1. Last night, we held our second Parent School Improvement Team (PSIT) meeting here at Sawdon. With around 40 parents/guardians, we spent our time discussing how we can do a better job of celebrating success in the district, and we started to examine the goals associated with the communication and community engagement focus area in our strategic plan. The parents and guardians who attended provided wonderful input and feedback, and their work will impact our implementation of the goals moving forward. To view the slides from the session,  please click HERE.
  2. Next Friday, January 27th from 6-8pm, Delta Center is hosting an International Night. MSU scholars, WKAR, the Grand Ledge Area District Library, and GLPS students and their families will have cultural exhibits. Students and families will be able to explore countries and cultures from all over the globe – experiencing international displays, activities, and performances. The cultural performances are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. and will include music, songs, dances, and poems.  Delta Center students and staff will celebrate all week leading up to the event with a variety of activities  and classroom door decorating to represent different nations. International Night will celebrate our diversity and give folks the opportunity to "travel" the world – all while fostering respect, strengthening our inclusive environment, and creating a welcoming place where every person is valued. It is made possible by the contributions and engagement of our families, and their partnerships with our wonderful DC team.     

I could list many, many more examples of how you and your involvement and engagement make our district great, but these two events highlight concrete activities from this week and next and serve as a wonderful illustration of how our families engage with the district. As a GLPS parent myself, I know firsthand the value of the Comet experience for our kids, and as the superintendent, I know it is not possible without all of you.

Because of our involved and engaged parents and guardians, and all of the wonderful things you make possible, as always, I am #proudtobeacomet! 

Dr. Bill Barnes

Dr. Bill Barnes
Superintendent of Schools