Dear Beagle Middle School Parents, 

Here are some updates that we wanted to share at this time:

Student Support Presentations:  On Wednesday and Thursday this week, our Student Support Team members presented to all students at Beagle Middle School.  Our presentation focused on introducing team members, how to access specific supports in the building, reporting incidents, and school policies/expectations.  Our students did an outstanding job during these presentations!  On September 20th and 21st, members of our Student Support Team will engage all students again in a lesson focused on conflict resolution and management.  In early October, our team members will host another lesson focused on bullying and harassment.  These proactive measures in conjunction with our Second Step social skills lesson in Check and Connect class help to support our tweens during these challenging years.  

Reporting Absences:  We are excited to announce that parents may be able to report student absences via PowerSchool, via “Attendance Monitor” within Parent Portal beginning next week.  Here is a resource for parents reporting absences within Parent Portal: Parent Portal Attendance.pdf. If you have any issues or questions regarding the use of this feature within Parent Portal, please email Ms. Sadie Green, attendance secretary, at  Absences can still be reported by calling our attendance line (517) 925-5680. 

Backpacks:  While we do not enforce all students to use their lockers to store backpacks and personal items at all times throughout the school day, we wanted to share that many of our classrooms are at maximum capacity.  For this reason, we allow individual teachers to enforce the use of lockers based on the logistics of their classroom and the number of students in their classrooms.  Therefore, some of our teachers kindly request that students store their belongings in their lockers before arriving to their specific class.  This is for student safety and efficient functioning of the classroom, and we appreciate parent support on this front.  

Planners: Student planners arrived this week from our distributor, and planners were provided to all students during Check and Connect (CNC) class this week.  We provide our students with planners to help support with executive functioning, organization, and time management.  In addition, planners are a great daily communication tool between school and home regarding upcoming tests, projects, and work to be completed at home.  Our staff models for students how to use their planner on an hour-by-hour basis to better support our students, and planners are checked on a daily basis during CNC.  

PTO Meeting:  Our first PTO meeting will be on Tuesday, September 12 from 6:30-7:30pm here at Beagle Middle in the media center.  We welcome our parents to attend our PTO meetings, and we are grateful to have such a supportive PTO.  

A Message from Step It Up! Fundraiser, Sponsored by PTO: The PTO is excited to offer a way to give back to Beagle Middle School!  Next week on Thursday, September 14th, we will be kicking off an event to help raise funds that will benefit all of our students and staff.  The Step It Up! program will help with funding a variety of school-based activities for students and staff.  The program will be very easy for parents, and it requires about 10 minutes of time.  Students will earn great rewards just for their effort–no money is required.  Step It Up! is an online, donation-based fundraiser, and the email/text-based donation requests can go to people you know anywhere in the world, which means no direct pressure on the shoulders of parents.  Next week on Thursday, students will be bringing home more information, which will be distributed during CNC class.  Please support your student in completing the Golden Ticket assignment that very night.  All students who complete the Golden Ticket assignment will receive fun prizes, and it does not require money to register.  We will also have some fun drawings for a $100 Amazon Gift Card and four Mini Party Fridges stuffed with cash!  We will send two additional emails throughout the two-week program to parents.  Thank you in advance for your support! 

These are all of the updates that we wanted to pass along at this time.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Take care,

Dave and Kelly

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