Ele's Groups

Dear Parents,

Beagle Middle School is so blessed to have a partnership with the grief counselors at Ele's Place.  Ele's Place helps students cope with the death of someone, along with the grieving process.  The program is eight weeks in duration, with a rotation so that the meetings are each held in a different hour, allowing for the least amount of academic time missed.  If you are interested in this eight week opportunity to help your student with grief, please do the following two things:

1.  Speak with your student so they know what is going on.  We do not want to broach such a difficult topic, if the students are not willing to engage.

2.  Fill out the Ele's Place form to give Beagle Middle School permission to include your student in our grief group for eight weeks.


Thank you!  If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Counselors in our Student Services Office.