PaperGator Recycling Program Earns Money for GLPS!

We Earn Money When You Recycle Paper in the PaperGator Bins!

Did you know that our schools participate in a paper-recycling program called PaperGator Recycling?  Recycle all of your newspapers, catalogs/magazines, junk mail, phone books, office/school paper, and hard and soft cover books and earn funds for our school.  This is an easy way for you to recycle your paper and help us raise funds for our schools.  By recycling paper, not only do you save the environment and reduce waste in landfills, but our schools earn money for every pound of paper you help us collect.  Please bring in your recyclable paper anytime from your homes or any other available sources and place it in the PaperGator® bins -- we have seven locations!  Please do not include plastic, metal, trash, glass, cardboard, or paperboard (grocery item boxes).  Please add recycling to your errand route and bring your paper by once a week – help your school and the environment!  Thank you for your continued support of this important fundraising effort.

Seven School Locations

Beagle Middle School
600 South St, Grand Ledge
PaperGator bin located across from the main entrance

Delta Center Elementary
305 S. Canal Road, Lansing
PaperGator bin located on the south side of the building

Grand Ledge High School
820 Spring Street, Grand Ledge
PaperGator bin located behind the baseball field by the loading docks

Hayes Intermediate School
12620 Nixon Road, Grand Ledge
PaperGator bin located across from the main entrance

Holbrook Elementary School
615 Jones Street, Grand Ledge
PaperGator bin located at the entrance of northwest parking lot

Wacousta Elementary
9135 Herbison Rd, Eagle
PaperGator bin located next to the bus loop

Willow Ridge Elementary
12840 Nixon Rd, Grand Ledge
PaperGator bin located near the main entrance