Parking Passes

Parking Passes

Students must register their vehicle(s) and display a parking pass in their rearview window to avoid ticketing &/or towing.


Student Parking Registration & Payment Process


  1.  Students MUST be licensed drivers, not permit drivers to be eligible for a Parking Pass.
  2. Complete the Parking Pass Registration Google Form located at  Drivers may register more than one vehicle by completing additional forms & will need to move their parking pass between vehicle(s).
  3. Due to the shortened in-person school year, we are waiving the Parking Pass Fee for the 2020-2021 School Year.  (Parking Passes are normally $20 each)
  4. After registering your vehicle, you will need to visit Ms. Ashley in the High School Main Office to pick-up a 2020-21 GLHS Parking Pass
    1. PARKING PASSES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP BEGINNING MARCH 2nd, 2021.  Date is subject to change if shipping delivery date changes.
    2. Vehicles will not be ticketed &/or towed between March 1, 2021 thru at least March 8, 2021 to allow for registration & pick-up of passes. 

 Student Parking Regulations


  1. Student must have a permit issued to them to park on school property. Permits are non-transferable and must be hung on the rearview mirror during the school day.
  2. Students may park in designated Student Parking areas only. Students are NOT allowed to park in the Staff lot, at the end of Kent St, or in the Admin/Visitor lot at the corner of Lovell St. & Spring St.
  3. Students should NEVER park on snowbanks or in places that are not designated as legal parking spaces.
  4. Students are to drive slowly and safely in the parking lot. All drivers MUST come to a COMPLETE STOP at all stop signs located on school property; failure to stop may result in ticketing &/or loss of parking privileges.
  5. Vehicles parked on school grounds are subject to search policies outlined in the student handbook.


  • Failure to abide by the above rules may result in loss of parking privileges, ticketing, possible towing of car &/or permanent removal from the high school lot.
  • Students who are suspended may lose their parking privileges at the high school for the remainder of the year.


If you have additional questions, please email Jennifer Ashley at or you may call (517) 925-5817.




  • How much do passes cost? Parking pass fees will be waived for the 2020-21 school year. (They are normally $20 per pass)
  • Can I register my vehicle(s) online?  Yes, please visit to register your vehicle(s).
  • Where do I pick up my pass?  In the main office from Ms. Ashley at the first desk to your left.
  • What do I need in order to pick up my Parking Pass?  A state-issued Driver's License or your GLHS Student ID.
  • What if my student drives more than one vehicle?  You may register additional vehicles by fully completing another GLHS Parking Pass Form with the additional vehicle information.
  • What if I have more than one student who drives to the High School?  Each vehicle driven needs a Parking Pass so you would complete a Google Form for each vehicle driven & for each driver separately.
  • Who do I contact with questions?   If you have questions, please email Jennifer Ashley at or you may call (517) 925-5817. You can also visit the GLHS Parking Passes page