GLHS Virtual Learning FAQ's

‚ÄčWho can take virtual courses?
Students in grades 9 - 12 can take up to 2 virtual courses each trimester. We do not recommend virtual courses for students until they enter the 10th grade. This gives them time to acclimate to the High School schedule and gain the necessary skills to ensure their success. 

Where do these students complete their assignments? 
Students are required to attend the computer lab in room 309 in order to complete their course work. 

Are students penalized for late work?
MVU courses do not have firm deadlines, so they do not penalize students if they do not finish work on time, unless it is an AP course.  We encourage students to stay aligned with their pacing guide. Assignments that are not turned in by the end of the course will receive zero credit.  

What if my student is absent?
If your student is absent, they can work from home, if possible. They will not be penalized for late work, but they will need to make up the time necessary to submit assignments and get back on track. A mentor teacher is also available to them to pace themselves for an expected upcoming absence. 

How do I monitor my student’s progress?
I encourage parents to log in with students to view their Virtual Dashboard. Students can then explain their progress daily or weekly.  We will also be asking students to send daily progress updates via text or email.

When can I request a virtual course?
Enrollment requests are only taken during the enrollment period for the next academic year. 

When will I know if my request has been accepted?
You will receive an email confirming your request.

Are there courses you do not recommend for students?
We ask that students avoid requesting classes we offer in the building.  

What types of courses do students generally take virtually?
Most courses students request are elective credits.  There are a few students who request AP courses that we do not offer in the building.