Comet Academy

Comet Academy is part of Grand Ledge Public Schools designed for 11th and 12th grade students who are credit deficient and in danger of not graduating from Grand Ledge High School.  Comet Academy provides a quality online educational option that will meet the personalized needs of educating students "anytime and anyplace".  Comet Academy uses Edgenuity to offer online credit recovery for our students.  All Comet Academy students in good standing have the opportunity to earn a Grand Ledge High School diploma, opportunity to take career and tech ed courses through ERESA, participate in clubs and extracurricular activities, compete in GLHS sports, attend dances, and walk with their classmates for graduation.  

Students are required to stay in good standing each week by completing their weekly educational academic goal and checking in twice a week with a Comet Academy staff member.  Weekly check-ins may consist of a video chat and/or online electronic written correspondence.  If students are needing assistance, for more academic support there is a classroom available and supported by Comet Academy staff Monday through Thursday, located on the 3rd floor at Sawdon/GLPS Central Office Building in Grand Ledge.  Comet Academy also provides after hour learning support for their students with their learning coaches.  

Proud to Be a Comet!


For more information regarding Comet Academy, please contact:

Comet Academy/Relevant Academy Office Phone:  517-925-5450


Comet Academy Program Director: Lauren Blakely


Comet Academy Student Mentor:  Jay Marietti


Comet Academy Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.


Grand Ledge High School Counselors

Student Last Name:  A-El

Angeline OK. email:

Student Last Name: Em-La

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Student Last Name:  Lb-Ri

Annette Trudeau:

Student Last Name:  Rj-Z

Stacey Dohm:


Grand Ledge High School Administration

GLHS Assistant Principal:  11th & 12th Grades

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GLHS Dean of Students:  11th & 12th Grades

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