2018 Bond Proposals

SAFER schools - 0:58


The Grand Ledge Board of Education unanimously approved placing two bond proposals on the November 6, 2018 ballot.

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Community Presentations about Bond Proposals
6:00 p.m., Administrative Conference Room at Sawdon
220 Lamson Street, Grand Ledge, MI 48837
 - Monday, September 17
 - Wednesday, September 26
 - Tuesday, October 2
 - Thursday, October 4


Proposal One was developed to create SMARTER, STRONGER, SAFER Grand Ledge Public Schools.  Proposal One would provide $118,640,000 for district-wide building and grounds improvements that would address identified and ongoing building issues and would support the district's grade restructuring initiative.


Proposal Two would provide $29,485,000 for athletic and fine arts building and grounds improvements designed for district and community use.



Informational Videos


Overview of Both Bond Proposals - 3:58


District's Grade Restructuring Initiative - 1:30


SMARTER schools - 1:30


STRONGER schools - 1:08


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