The Grand Ledge Public Schools Technology Department maintains the district's technology and  network resources and services. Our mission is to provide superior support and service to each staff member and student. 

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Grand Ledge Public Schools has the following Network Electronics Request For Proposal Open.

HelpDeskStaff needing assistance from the Technology Department should submit their request via the helpdesk at



Puchases must be coordinated with and shipped to the Technology Department.  This will ensure system compatibility, proper setup and accurate asset inventory.

Document Cameras

Video Projectors

Apple Pricing - Please contact Mark Deschaine for Proposal

Guidelines: WiFi

We have finished expanding the current wireless system as far as practical.  We are now at an Access Point for every 2 classrooms which each handle approximately 30 devices at a slow speed.  We continue to watch for funding sources that can help replace the wireless system with a modern system to handle the needs for the next few years.  

There are some areas in the district that are encouraging BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which is educationally encouraged.   When these devices are not being used for classroom activities, staff and students should turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on their device.  Devices like phones and tablets constantly use WiFi to update various apps and the device itself, taking bandwidth from the Access Point that may be needed for other devices being used for learning.  Bluetooth uses the same radio frequency as our current wireless system which can also cause issues.

For district owned devices, we can't stress enough the importance of shutting them down when not in use for similar reasons.  Planning with your neighbors may be essential as to not plan technology activities requiring WiFi in neighboring classrooms at the same time.  Neighboring classrooms are not just classrooms next to each other but behind and across the hall from each other also.

Your assistance in making our WiFi environment more friendly for the learning needs of our staff and students is most appreciated!

Guidelines: Password Requirement

Passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters and at least 3 of the following character classes:

  • Uppercase letter
  • Lowercase letter
  • Special character
  • Numeric character

Click Here for How to choose a strong password - simple tips for better secutiry

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