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Check your device for readiness by going to test.mapnwea.org/#/nopopup


GLPS Video Introducing NWEA - Great for Younger Learners!


NWEA Video for Parents & Students - How to Do NWEA



NWEA Presentations for Parents & Students


Presentation for Grades K-2

Parent & Student Guide for K-2


Presentation for Grades 3+

Parent & Student Guide for Grades 3+


NWEA One-Page Instructions for Parents & Students


NWEA Login Directions

NWEA Login Directions


NWEA Practice Test Directions

NWEA Practice Test Directions


Ask Your NWEA Questions Here!

If you have questions after watching the videos on this page and looking over the other NWEA materials on this page, then please email Barb Rooker at RookerB@GLcomets.net or contact your classroom teacher ... they will do their best to answer your questions.