Student Enrollment - Enrolling for NEXT School Year


Looking for Kindergarten Round Up? Once you have completed the online registration / pre-enrollment process that begins below, you will be scheduled for Kindergarten Round Up.

The online registration / pre-enrollment process for the NEXT SCHOOL YEAR (2020-2021) is now active IF the student you are enrolling lives within the boundaries of Grand Ledge Public Schools. 


SCHOOLS OF CHOICE -  Thank you for planning ahead, but please be patient ... we have not yet started enrolling schools of choice students.


Welcome to Grand Ledge Public Schools!                               

To ensure we have you complete the appropriate registration documents, please take a moment to answer the following question:

Does the student(s) you are enrolling live within the boundaries of the Grand Ledge Public Schools District?

  • Don't know

  • NO (we have not yet started enrolling Schools of Choice &/or Tuition applicants)

  • YES






Only residents of Grand Ledge Public Schools are guaranteed attendance.