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A+ Summer Youth Police Academy

Building Strength, Pride & Confidence in Young Men & Women Grades 7-11 

Do you know what it takes to be a Police Officer?  This is a course rich in the study of the law relating to police procedures and public safety.  Students will achieve personal pride and discipline through this course with a maximum of hands-on experience, physical activity and real life observation and participation in the criminal justice system.  Activities include:  K-9 demonstration, handcuffing exercises, finger printing and evidence collection, arrest reenactment and obstacle course cadet training exercises.   A field trip to the Lansing Police Lock Up Facility, 54A District Court for an arraignment and visit to the Michigan Supreme Court Building will show students an actual court proceeding before a judge and the consequences facing individuals who break our laws. 

Parents/Guardians are invited on the last day of class to witness their student demonstrating precision formation and forensic science understanding. Students will be supplied with a cadet shirt and cap as their daily uniform.

Based on the LCC Adult Police Academy classes students will be physically active and engage in many aspects of authentic police training.

July 7-July 11, 2014

Instructor:  Frank Medrano

Time:  8:00 am – 12 Noon      Location: West Campus       Tuition: $239.00

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You can register your students, ages 8 - 14 to learn the fundamentals and more about the positions of Quarterback and Wide Receiver.  This six-hours of football instruction is designed to improve beginning, intermediate or advanced skill levels and will focus on stance, position specific footwork, proper throwing technique, types of releases, route running and catching.   

Condcuted by Chris Fritzsching, Director of Detroit Lions Youth Football and the Detroit Lions Summer Football Camp Coaching Staff.

When:  Friday, July 18, 2014

Where:  Okemos - Chippewa Middle School

Cost:  $95 per session

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