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Can I participate in another sport/activity?

YES!  Research has proven that our best athletes are those who are well rounded.  We encourage our students to participate in a variety of activities at the middle school level.  So, if you are participating in soccer, football, cheerleading, dance, choir, band etc.…you are welcome and encouraged to participate on the cross country team.  A tentative schedule is attached to help you plan ahead.


Season Start Date

I am excited to announce we will begin practices the first week of school beginning August 26th to help prepare us for one of our first competitions of the year, The Spartan Invitational at M.S.U.   The best thing you can do is put some miles in BEFORE the season begins.  What you do over the summer will determine how you do throughout the season.  We should have an extremely competitive cross country season.


What is Cross County?

Cross Country is long distance running competition. Middle School age runners can run up to 2.0 miles in a race.  We run from 1.6-2.0 miles in competition.

How do I watch it?

Bring your walking/running shoes and follow the crowd!


How is it scored?

Low score is good.  First place gets one team point, 80th place earns 80 team points.  Ten athletes from each team compete in the “Top Ten” race and the top 5 runners from each team determine a team score.    


Will I run?

All athletes will compete every competition day.  The top ten times from the previous race will determine who is in the “Top 10 Race” and who will compete in the “Open Race”.  This can change race to race.  We will always use the previous races times and participation in practice to determine which race athletes will participate in. We also place runners in the race that best suits their competition level. So, there may be times when we have less than 10 runners in the “Top Ten Race”.                       



We will have a bus transport the team to and from all weekday meets.  Portage is a self-transport meet. We also provide transportation to Fitzgerald Park for the Grand Ledge meet, however, parents/guardians are expected to take their child home from the meet.



Practices are generally after school at Hayes Middle School every day until 4:00. Also, we will have practices on occasion at local parks. Transportation will be provided to the park however parents will pick up their child up at the designated park. Participants are expected to dress appropriately for practice because we will run in the sun, rain, or snow. Athletes are also expected to bring their own water bottle to practice daily.


Tentative Meet Schedule

September 9 – St. Johns

September 13 – M.S.U. Spartan Invitational

September 23 – DeWitt

September 25 – Bath

September 30 – Waverly

October 2– Cougar Classic @ Grand Woods park

October 5 – Portage Invitational

October 9 – Jr. Comet Invitational @ Fitzgerald Park

October 14 – Greater Lansing Invitational @ DeWitt


Summer Workouts

We will hold periodic optional workouts beginning in August and run through the first week of school. The more your child can run over the summer the more successful they will be throughout the season.  Summer workouts are also a great time to meet members of the team.


Please see the Remind attachment and signup for our 2019 Cross Country Group. All initial communication will be done using the app.


Register your child before the start of the

2019-2020 school year!


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Please contact me with any questions or concerns:

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