8th Grade vs. Ionia 10/21/2020

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team traveled to Ionia last night... and they brought their brooms, pulling off the 6-0 sweep! 

The Blue Team started strong winning, 25-22, 25-17, 15-9.  Laney Burkholder led the team with HUGE serving runs, with 7 aces and 24 positives serves in total. Keira Adams came up big with a pass and a giant kill! Emma Miller and Jocelyn Snitgen each had 3 aces to contribute to the team. Great job Comets! 

The Gold Team also came up big winning, 25-20, 25-13, 15-9. Kylie Goodman served strong with 6 aces, Olivia Langin had 4 aces and Kaysen Strohaver had 3. Shayla Kiser got aggressive at the net, hitting 2 kills down the line to help finish the match! Gabby Price cemented the match with a couple of jump serves. 

Great job girls! Looking forward to our last match of the season at home against Dewitt tomorrow! 

7th Grade vs. Fowlerville 10/19/2020

Both Blue and Gold dropped our Matches last night vs Fowlerville for 7ht Grade.

Faced a good serving Fowlerville team for both teams and were unable to catch up even though our play improved each set.  I’m really proud of these girls and their ability to stay focused and keep learning the game and the system we are teaching.

8th Grade vs. Fowlerville 10/19/2020

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team had a great night last night at home against Fowlerville! 

The Blue Team started the night by sweeping their games; 25-16, 25-18, 15-8. Emma Miller and Ella Landry led the team in kills! Mackenzie Fox was the leading passer and service leader on court! Great job girls! 

The Gold Team won their match too; 25-17, 25-15, 10-15.Annie Grew, Kaysen Strohaver, and Kylie Goodman led the team in serves. Marisa Meyers and Sophia Cook played the net like Beasts! Great job Comets! 

The teams travel to Ionia on Wednesday for their last away match of the season. 



7th Grade vs. Mason 10/14/2020

Great night for the Blue team!!! Hard fought match we took the first set 27-25, second set we dropped 17-25 and took the third set 15-12 to win the Match.  Extremely proud of the girls ability to fight back after a second set loss and keep their composure to earn the hard points in the third set when it mattered.  They are all growing and getting more comfortable in this sport it was really fun to watch – their smiles say it all!

Gold team struggled a bit in the first set dropping it 18-25, we came out firing in the second set taking it 25-19 led by a strong flurry of serves by Abbey Fiero & Kaitryn Sheehan, Mason stepped it up in the third set and had some really strong serving that got them out to a decent lead though we fought hard but were unable to dig out of that deficit and we dropped the 3rd set 15-11 – we continue to learn not lose – this team is playing a high level system and are learning on the fly, I love playing teams that exploit an area for growth, we will address it in practice and come out stronger in the end!

blue gold


8th Grade vs. Mason 10/14/2020

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team took on the Mason Bulldogs last night in a tough match. 

The Blue team lost, 11-25, 25-22, 6-15. Abi Adatsi had her first overhand serve over the net, along with a few digs and some great serve receive passes. Ella Landry and Madyson Massey led the team with serves and aces. Looking forward to a great week next week. 

The Gold team also lost a close one, 18-25, 25-19, 10-14. Lilly Alassane was a positive force on court. She kept them in the match by coming through on some critical plays! Kylie Goodman led the team in kills and digs. Olivia Langin had a couple of key blocks to help the team also! 

3 matches next week will round out the season for the Comets! Looking forward to another great week of volleyball!  


7th Grade vs. Fowlerville 10/12/20

Tough day for Blue & Gold for the 7th grade level

We ran into a tough serving Fowlerville team that across the board.

We’re hoping to take what we learned that we need to work on and really emphasis it Practice to prepare for a tough Mason team on 10.14

Blue teams overall record 2-3

Gold teams overall record 4-1

We get another crack at Fowlerville next week where we are looking get back on their home court.

7th grade7th

8th Grade vs. Fowlerville 10/12/20

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team traveled to Fowlerville last and came back winners! 

The Blue Team won their first first match; 25-17, 23-25, 15-12. Madyson Massey led the team with consistent serving, passing and hitting. Addi Schamehorn served the best she ever has with 5 serves in a row. Keira Adams had some key kills throughout the game to help also! Great job Blue Team! 

The Gold Team also won their match; 25-17, 25-21, 12-15. Annie Grew led the team with 8 aces, solid setting and hitting to corners. Marisa Meyers patrolled the net and was ready for every overpass. Akira Laing commanded the back row with excellent passing and communication. 

The 8th Grade Team will host Mason on Wednesday for their 8th grade celebration match! 


 8th Grade vs. Eaton Rapids 10/7/20

The 8th Grade Volleyball Team traveled to Eaton Rapids last night to take on the Greyhounds. 

The Blue Team played a tough match losing 25-27, 22-25, 11-15. Jocelyn Snitgen served tough for the Comets by starting the match off with an ace. Madyson Massey switched positions, passed and served well all night. Emma Miller attacked the ball at the net! Laney Burkholder was a solid player on court all night. She was consistent and always ready for the ball. Great job girls!  

The Gold Team won their match, 16-25, 25-9, 15-6, after a shaky start in the first set. Annie Grew led the team in aces, jump serving the Greyhounds off the court. Olivia Langin helped keep the team in the correct position by commanding the court and staying rock steady. Lilly Alassane came in at a tough time, playing a new position, and served for the match. Go Comets! 

The 8th grade teams are ready for 2 home games next week!  

7th Grade vs. Eaton Rapids 10/7/20

Blue team lost in 3 today vs Eaton Rapids.  We are improving in several areas with this team specifically in serving.  We ran into a couple of good serve runs by a few ER players that we were unable to recover from.  The girls fought hard and stayed positive for sets 2 & 3 but just fell short.  I'm proud of the growth and we continue to push and learn this great game.

Blue teams overall record is 2-2

Gold came out firing to take set 1 25-18, then fell flat on set 2 dropping it 20-25 however a great serve run by Hailey Ellis gave us a commanding lead in set 3 that we took 15-4. Very proud of our resilience and ability bounce back and and come together as a team to improve to 4-0 overall.

image image



8th Grade vs. Portland 9/29/20

The 8th Grade Volleyball Program hosted Portland last night. 

The Blue Team lost a tough match; 16-25, 21-25, 10-15. Madyson Massey led the team with her aggressive play! She was digging, serving tough and helping with communication on court. Keira Adams stepped up and played aggressively! Looking forward to our match on Monday! 

The Gold Team swept their match, winning; 26-24, 25-13, 15-11. Annie Grew led the team in serving, Kylie Goodman played well at a new position and Sophia Long rocked it with correct transitions and footwork on court! Great job girls! 

The 8th Grade Girls head to St. Johns on Monday. Go Comets! 


7th Grade vs. Portland 9/29/20

Blue team played a tough serving Portland team today - they battled and kept it close but were unable to take the W - we didn't lose we learned and will work on the areas Portland exploited and be ready out next match - overall record 2-1





Gold team stepped on our own toes a bit but were able to fend off a tough Portland team.  

Key serve runs by several players and good defense led to some pretty fun front row attacks that amped up the team and the crowd.  Gold improves to 3-0 on the season





8th Grade vs. Charlotte 9/28/20

The 8th grade volleyball team had a great night hosting Charlotte last night! Both teams swept! 

The Blue Team came up big, winning 25-13, 27-25, 15-10.  Ella Landry and Jocelyn Snitgen were the teams leading servers. Jocelyn even made her first jump serve over in a match! The girls really pulled together as a team and played well. Great job Blue Team! 

The Gold Team also swept, winning 25-6, 25-13, 15-7. Sophia Long, Shayla Kiser and Gabby Price served some big points! Kaysen Strohaver and Kylie Goodman led the team in kills. Great job Gold Team! 

The Comets will host Portland on Wednesday. 


7th Grade vs. Charlotte 9/28/20

Blue team won in 3

We dropped a close set 27-26 recovered with a 25-18 second set and closed it out 15 - 12 to move 2-0 on the season

Gold team won in 2 and dropped the 3rd set

We came out firing and continued to work on the little things to pull of the W to move to 2-0 on the season 




7th girls vb

7th girls


8th Grade vs. Williamston 9/23/20

The 8th Grade Volleyball team traveled to Williamston last night to take on the Hornets. 

The Blue Team put up a good fight but came up a little short losing, 18-25, 21-25, 6-15. Emma Miller led the team in kills and blocks, Sopie Cook commanded the court and kept her team in rhythm, and Elizabeth Garcia passed dimes all night. 

The Gold Team came away with the win, 25-11, 25-13, and 14-16. The team played real volleyball the entire night and it showed. They were able to control that match the majority of the time. Marisa Meyers found her inner beast at the net and led the team in blocks! Lilly Alassane was a close second. Olivia Langin led the team in aces with 8 for the night. 

Very excited to see the progress in the next week! Great job girls! Proud coaches over here! 


7th Grade vs. Williamston 9/23/20

7th grade blue team took all 3 sets 25-22, 25-18, 15-9 Blue team picked up the win tonight despite the nerves they pulled it together to get the W 

7th grade Gold team won the Match 2-1 25-21, 25-8, 11-15 dropping the third set to a Williamston team that found their serves in the third set.