May 4-May 8, 2020

Good Morning Hayes’ Families,


Spring has finally arrived!  It sure was refreshing to finally open up the windows around the house the past few days to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of spring.  For a while, the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order coupled with the previous foul, unseasonable weather seemed to expedite the onset of cabin fever for both parents and students.  Hopefully, the much improved conditions will help our children stay outside for more than ten-minute intervals! 


Combating the Adolescent Blues

In all seriousness, this pandemic has been challenging for all.  Whether it’s juggling working from home and simultaneously supporting your child with their own work, dealing with the financial hardships, and/or struggling with the overall isolation, we can agree that these times are trying.  As parents, we must also remember that children, especially adolescents, will often mask their true emotions, or they will project them in some other fashion.  In addition, our adolescents are consistently on a quest for autonomy and making sense of where they stand in this world, which is a challenge without socialization and the routines they deem as normal. Therefore, if your tween has been anxious, stressed, argumentative, or engaging in atypical behaviors, then that is to be expected given the circumstances. 


As parents, we can combat our tweens being down by helping them build their sense of self efficacy and overall confidence.  Chores, projects, assembling new tools or equipment are all excellent opportunities for children to take control of their environment, develop a plan or strategy, and then use executive functioning to complete the task.  It helps to give them the structure that they won’t admit they need. The more that children engage in this process, the more confident and resilient they become.  While adolescents may be resistant to completing chores or engaging in an outdoor project, putting them in charge of portions of the project or even asking them for their ideas within the project can be pivotal to their engagement.  In addition, having children explain their processes and ideas for completing tasks, chores, or projects can be somewhat of an icebreaker for additional conversations to take place; they tend to be more transparent when they feel empowered, especially when we as adults are working with them. Please continue to provide these opportunities for your child to learn and grow. 


Teacher Communication

As we discussed last week and for the aforementioned reasons above, we are at a point within our Continuity of Learning Plan where we are releasing control to our students.  Our teachers will no longer be reaching out to parents proactively each week.  They will continue to communicate directly with students on their assigned day.  While teachers are no longer contacting parents proactively, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s teacher if there are any questions or concerns.  In addition, we are here to support as well if you are not able to get clarification from your student’s teacher.  We will continue to provide parents with a weekly learning plan overview within our Monday newsletters. 


Students of the Week 

Even though our students are engaging in school remotely, we would like to continue to acknowledge students continuing to demonstrate Comet PRIDE!  The students listed below have been nominated by their teachers for their hard work and dedication; we are very proud of their efforts.  Mr. Leopold and I will be hosting a Zoom session with these students early this week to congratulate them, and we will continue to acknowledge students in the weeks to come.  Please celebrate the success of the following students: 

Student of the Week 5.4.20



7th Grade’s Weekly Outline

Monday-Math- Two-step equations, targeted NWEA practice

Tuesday- ELA- Time Capsule project, continue

Wednesday-Science- Natural selection and artificial intelligence

Thursday- Social Studies- Continue Ancient Greece & Hellenistic World (Modules 8 & 9); continue GRAPES of ancient Greece chart.

Friday- Electives-- please see teacher’s email to student on Friday


8th Grade’s Weekly Outline

Monday- Math- Continue to solve multi-step equations with variables on both sides of equal sign. 

Tuesday- ELA-  Continue reading novel The Giver, making inferences about characters and setting.

Wednesday-Science-  Water cycle-how water moves through the earth’s systems.

Thursday- Social Studies- Civil War- this will be a two-week unit. 

Friday- please see teacher’s email to student on Friday


As always, we thank you for your continued support.  Please continue to refer to our website Hayes' Home Page for up-to-date information regarding the shutdown; teacher office hours are also posted on our webpage.  In addition, please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback.  Have a great week and enjoy the sun!



Dave Kushman and Eric Leopold


Dave Kushman  517-925-5684 (leave a voicemail)

Eric Leopold 517-925-5603 (leave a voicemail)