May 18-May 22, 2020

Good Morning Hayes’ Families,

We hope that your family is well at this time.  We are entering the last two weeks of our Continuity of Learning Plan, and we thank you for continuing to encourage your student to participate in their coursework over the next two weeks.  It has been an interesting process along the way, and we thank you for your support and patience.   Within this week’s newsletter we will provide a broad overview of our locker clean out and school-issued resource drop-off process.  We will repeat this information in next week’s newsletter as well, and we will also include more details next week. 


Locker Clean Out and School-Issued Resources Drop Off Overview

As a district, we have modified our previous plans for students to pick up their possessions and drop off school-issued resources.  We have chosen June 1, 2, and 3 as the dates to engage in this process to ensure that we are upholding the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order that expires on May 28th. This schedule has been systematically developed by student last name to limit the amount of people accessing the building at one time; therefore, we ask that you come during your assigned time over the first two days.  Please review the schedule below:

Locker Clean Out Schedule

Preparations and Process

Student possessions within lockers will be bagged by custodial and paraprofessional staff in advance to expedite the process.  All school-issued resources (textbooks, calculators, etc.) that were left in lockers will be collected by school staff prior to student pick up to also help limit time within the building.  If your student cleaned out their locker entirely on March 13th and they only have school-issued resources to drop off, we will have a separate station set up outside to accommodate these students. School staff will be present during this time to help to systematically regulate the number of people in and out of the building.  In our newsletter next week, we will have more detailed information regarding where to park, where to enter the building, and other particulars to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient process.


School-Issued Resources Drop Off, Yearbooks, and Refunds

It is imperative that the following school-issued resources be returned during this time:

  • Textbooks
  • Library books
  • Teacher-issued calculators
  • Teacher-issued novels--both whole class and independent reading
  • School-issued band instruments.

We will have tables set up outside our main entrances for students to drop off their school-issued resources to ensure a continuous movement in and out of the building.  Yearbooks will also be distributed during this process.  For our 7th grade students that paid to attend the Lugnuts field trip, money will also be refunded during this time. For our Band and Choir students, money for end-of-year field trips will be refunded by our business office in June.


Students of the Week 

Even though our students are engaging in school remotely, we would like to continue to acknowledge students continuing to demonstrate Comet PRIDE!  The students listed below have been nominated by their teachers for their hard work and dedication; we are very proud of their efforts.  Mr. Leopold and I will be hosting a Zoom session with these students later this week to congratulate them, and we will continue to acknowledge students in the weeks to come.  Please celebrate the success of the following students:

  • Gabrielle Brown
  • Kayla Cebulski
  • Aidan Clewley
  • Meghan Helms
  • Lizzie McFarland
  • Kayden Pearce-Violante
  • Anneliese Pertier
  • Morgan Whitten
  • Xander Wygocki


7th Grade’s Weekly Outline

Monday-Math- Multi-step equations, targeted NWEA practice

Tuesday- ELA- Time Capsule project, continue

Wednesday-Science- Favorite Outdoor Place activity

Thursday- Social Studies- Ancient Rome (Module 10) continue

Friday- Electives-- please see teacher’s email to student on Friday


8th Grade’s Weekly Outline

Monday- Math- Slope of a line and slope intercept, y=mx+b

Tuesday- ELA-  Continue reading novel The Giver (chapters 12-15), making inferences about characters and setting.

Wednesday-Science-  Predicting Weather-Cause and Effect, continuation, students use their STEMscopedia from last week. 

Thursday- Social Studies- Civil War Reconstruction Era 

Friday- please see teacher’s email to student on Friday


As always, we thank you for your continued support.  Please continue to refer to our website Hayes' Home Page for up-to-date information regarding the shutdown; teacher office hours are also posted on our webpage.  In addition, please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or feedback.  Have a great week!



Dave Kushman and Eric Leopold


Dave Kushman  517-925-5684 (leave a voicemail)

Eric Leopold 517-925-5603 (leave a voicemail)