Limited In Person Return Students & Families

Dear Hayes Parents, 

Per Dr. Chapin’s recent email, Hayes Middle School is planning to begin limited in-person instruction on March 1st. You are receiving this correspondence because you have elected to have your child return for limited in-person instruction for the duration of the second trimester.  Please note that a similar application will also be sent out in the near future for all parents to apply for in-person instruction during the third trimester, which begins in April.

We have received some correspondence from parents over the past two months requesting to remain virtual in lieu of returning for in-person instruction, which is permissible.  Before we move forward, we would like to take time to address this topic of conversation.  If you have contacted us opting your student out of limited in-person instruction and we have responded back, your child’s information has been updated.  You do not need to contact the school again.  However, if you have not communicated that information with us, then we need to know ASAP.  Please email Mrs. Joan Pedraza at if you wish to opt out of limited in-person the duration of trimester two and remain virtual. 

For our families committed to limited in-person instruction for the duration of trimester two, please review the Hayes Middle School Limited In-Person Handbook, which is attached to this correspondence.  In addition, more detailed information regarding our plan and logistics can be found within our December 17th newsletter, which is archived on our homepage.  The aforementioned handbook contains all of the necessary information for students and parents regarding our limited in-person return.  

In addition to the handbook, we intend to provide our students and parents with additional resources to ensure a smooth, safe return.  These resources will include:

  • Orientation videos (released February 16th via email to students and parents)
  • Virtual Q&A sessions for parents (February 17th 6-7pm; February 18th 12-1pm).  Links will be sent out next week to all limited in-person families. 
  • Updated schedules will be released to students and parents on February 22nd.  Please note, there will not be schedule changes.  Instead, these schedules will note Virtual Learning Centers (VLCs) and the teachers students will actually see.  Please see the following paragraph for clarification on VLCs.  A sample schedule is also attached below. 
  • 7th grade Parent/Student Self-Guided Walkthroughs at Hayes (February 23, 4:30-6:30pm, last names A-K; February 24, 4:30-6:30pm, last names L-Z).  These walkthroughs will also be open to our 8th graders that are new to Hayes.  Students will be able to find their lockers and practice their locker combinations during these walkthrough sessions. In an effort to maintain safety with these walkthroughs, we ask our 8th grade students and parents that were here as 7th graders last year not participate in this event.

Before closing, we wanted to clear up some misconceptions that have come up in the community regarding “Learning Labs.”  Under our plan here at Hayes, all students in a learning lab will be connecting to a live session with their actual teachers.  As we have discussed in our newsletters, our in-person schedule will mirror and follow our virtual schedule.  Students will see teachers in-person that are asynchronous for the day, which means they will see anywhere from 2-4 of their actual teachers in-person based on student cohorting in conjunction with our structured live sessions by department, and they will connect with the rest of their teachers virtually from our Virtual Learning Centers (VLCs).   In short, students will not be sitting in VLCs with nothing to do.  We hope that this clears up the misconceptions behind the learning labs.  

In closing, there will be systematic communication to our limited in-person return families over the next few weeks as outlined within this correspondence, so please continue to watch for these updates.  In addition, please also watch for the third trimester application that will be released Central Office in the near future.  

That is all that we have for now--more to come next week. 

Take care,

Dave and Eric

Limited In-Person Handbook 

Hayes Sample Student Schedule March 2021