Hayes Middle School's Continuity of Learning Plan

April 16, 2020


Dear Parent(s) and Guardian(s),


We are so excited to resume “official” learning from Hayes Middle School on April 20th, even if it has to be from a distance. As Superintendent Dr. Metcalf noted in his correspondence from earlier this week, our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our students and families.  While we encourage students to engage as much as possible in their course work, we do not want our families overwhelmed given the circumstances of this pandemic. Therefore, our district’s Continuity of Learning Plan has been constructed accordingly, and our specific plan at Hayes is structured in a systematic, reasonable fashion.  


Hayes Middle School’s Continuity of Learning Plan


Overview and Content Development

Students will have the opportunity to engage in both academic course work as well as activities designed to support social-emotional well-being with their teachers each week, beginning April 20th.  Our school counselors are supporting our teachers and are available to meet with students individually, either by phone or online platform. Teachers have been in communication over the past several weeks to identify the most pertinent standards that were recently taught within the classroom, and they have also worked diligently to identify universal activities and resources to provide students over the next several weeks. All resources and activities provided to students will be based on concepts students were previously exposed to within the classroom with the goal of reinforcing current knowledge and skills. 


Daily Schedule, Teacher Communication, and Delivery 

In an effort to prevent overload, course work will be provided by teaching staff as follows:

Mondays- Math

Tuesdays- English Language Arts

Wednesdays- Science

Thursdays- Social Studies 

Fridays- Electives

The content provided each day will be the content for that class for the week.  Teachers will email their specific students on their subject’s day. For example, all Math teachers will be contacting students with the week’s course work on or before Monday.  The work for each subject area should not exceed two hours-per-week as it has been designed to reinforce skills without overwhelming students or parents. Even though each department has developed universal assignments, teachers within each department will have their own way of providing resources to students, which could include Google Classroom, Google Docs, Zoom Conferencing, email, or a combination thereof. In addition, teachers will reach out to their first hour class each week to engage in a social-emotional check-in, activity, or lesson; this may include a Zoom or Google HangOut session. Students should check their email on a daily basis beginning Monday, April 20th, and their teachers will begin to ease them into this process. 



Students will not be receiving traditional grades on the work that they complete; instead, teachers will be providing students with feedback on the work they have submitted.  Teachers will continue to use PowerSchool to document assignments as completed/not completed. We have chosen to do this to help parents continue to monitor work completion at home.  


Administrative Communication

Each Monday, we will provide a weekly overview for the expected 7th and 8th Grade coursework.  The purpose of this communication is to provide parents an overview of the week. Again, we have to stress that we are not expecting you to fill the role of your child’s teacher; instead, we want to keep you in the loop regarding the content provided.  We will also continue to include teacher and counselor office hours during our weekly emails. Please note that if your child is enrolled in Accelerated Math 7, Algebra AB, Geometry AB, and/or English 9AB, then the weekly timeline will be provided to parents by the specific teacher.  In addition, we will be reaching out to students regarding this information in a separate email today, and we will continue to reach out to students via email the duration of the school year. At this time, our correspondence via email on Mondays will replace our weekly newsletters. 


Office Hours

Teachers and counselors will maintain office hours two times-per-week, one-hour each session.  Principals will maintain office hours three days-per-week, one-hour each session. Please note that students can contact any subject area teacher throughout the week if they have questions as the content and resources are universal across each department.  Office hours are provided in a separate page within this website.  To view click here



Paper Copies and Chromebooks

As Dr. Metcalf noted, we have a limited supply of Chromebooks for those families that need access, and we are extending WiFi coverage into our parking lot at Hayes.  If your student needs a Chromebook, then please call (517) 925-5412 leaving a voicemail with your student’s name as well as your name and contact information. In addition, if internet access is an issue at home, then parents can call the Academic Services office at (517) 925-5403 to request paper copies, leaving a message with your student’s name and building. Those materials will be handed out each Friday morning at 10:30-12:00, during the food distribution at Beagle Elementary School. 


Future Concerns

Beyond the learning plan, we have received several questions regarding access to the building and schedules for next year.  Access to the building is closed at this time per the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. When the order is lifted, we are strategizing ways for students to safely and strategically come back into the building to clean out their lockers, and we will keep you updated via Monday emails regarding access to the building.  Also, course request information for current 7th Graders has been entered into PowerSchool and we are working diligently on scheduling for next year. Our current 8th Graders should watch for upcoming announcements regarding entering their High School course requests into Career Cruising; those 8th Graders that turned in their forms to their Science teacher prior to the closure will have scheduling information entered by counseling staff. 


In closing, we want to thank you for your patience through this process, and please know that future emails will not be this long!  We also wanted to remind parents that we are here for you through this process! Please do not hesitate to reach out at any time for assistance.  The most important thing to reinforce with our students at this time is to have balance each day, a blend of work and play. Maintaining routines that have a healthy balance as well as engaging in outdoor activities (while practicing social distancing), will help our children tremendously as they amble through this lonely time. Please note that we will be reinforcing this message to our students when we touch base with them.  We will get through this together!   


Please look for an email by Monday, April 20th with the overview for our first week of distance learning. 




Dave Kushman and Eric Leopold


Dave Kushman kushmand@glcomets.net 517-925-5684 (leave a voicemail)


Eric Leopold leopolde@glcomets.net 517-925-5603 (leave a voicemail)