Educational Development Plans

Career and College Readiness


Choosing and planning for a career is one of the most important things Comets can do during their time in high school. Below are several links to help students and their families plan.

Educational Development Plans (EDP): Career Cruising

All Comets in grades 7-12 have a student Career Cruising account that houses their Educational Development Plans. Students use this account to:

conduct learning styles, interest, and skills assessments
explore and save favorite career options
explore and save post-secondary training plans
explore the annual college planning timeline
build resume/portfolio content by documenting their hobbies, interest, skills, abilities, volunteer work, extracurricular and work experience, and awards
Schedule GLHS courses

To access your EDP (Educational Development Plan): Log into PowerSchool Student Account and click the arrow hyperlink in the upper right hand corner, then click “Sign into Career Cruising”.

Students and parents are welcome to access this account anytime. Students will update information annually at school, but are encouraged to actively use this account throughout the school year and summer to update their resume and portfolio content.