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Due to bond construction taking place at Beagle Elementary, GLPS Food Service has moved its pickup location to Hayes Middle School at 12620 Nixon Rd., GL. starting May 12.

Food pickup will continue for children in need from 10:30 - noon, Tuesday's & Friday's. Last food pickup is June 2.


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Fall 2020 Testing Out
Register by Friday, May 29, 2020

Any student desiring to test out of a high school course must submit the online application by Friday, May 29th.  Click below for more information and to complete registration.

Click here for Test Out Information.

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work permit information



If a work permit is needed during this time that our school is closed


  1. Please select and print your permit from the links below.

  2. Fill out your portion - section #1 at the top (include a parent's signature).

  3. Have the employer fill out section #2.

  4. Scan or take a photo of the document and email it to Principal Wright at Mr. Wright will complete section #3, will sign and email it back to you to give to your employer.

Minors UNDER 16 years of age Work Permit

Minors 16 & 17 years of age Work Permit

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for the complete list of school announcements.


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April Newsletter

Click Here to view the entire newsletter

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     GLHS Frequently Asked Questions    Click here to view Lunch Menus       Click here to get athletic schedules, rosters and coach information.  You can also see all of the Community Education classes being offered.  
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GLHS Seniors and Parents!

Click HERE to view our plan for distributing Caps and Gowns as well as some information regarding our commencement planning status. 


Cap & Gown Pickup May 21


Please click the letter below for an important message from Principal Wright regarding the GLHS Learning Plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.


GLHS Learning Plan

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Need Academic Support?

Check out the Student Services page for GLHS Intervention Center information along with other local services. 

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      GLHS Staff Office Hours

GLHS Staff Office Hours

Student News

February 21, 2020

GL Student Council News Channel on YouTube


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Career Prep Center Students

Not sure if you have to attend LCC when GLHS has an amended schedule?  Click here to find out!

Top 25 Scholars

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 Top 25 Scholars



 Isaac Miller


Austin Huckins


 Sean Reid


 Karianne Rodeman


 Rebecca Bovee


 Heidi Reynolds


 John OConnor


 Jason Shell


 Avery Seling


 Madeline Smith


 Ananya Kamath


 Megan Schafer


 Sidney Sparks


 Kelly Morgan


 Shelby Smego


 Lauren Petrie


 Easton Currie


Erin Blayer


 Adam Haddad


 Aidan Halfmann


Samantha Abdo



 Lola Mull

Zachary Parker




 Cameron Reid

Connor Powers


Starting "School" Again April 20th

Start School April 20

"What about food for children in need?"



Due to bond construction taking place at Beagle Elementary, GLPS Food Service has moved its pickup location to Hayes Middle School at 12620 Nixon Rd., GL. starting May 12.

Food pickup will continue for children in need from 10:30 - noon, Tuesday's & Friday's. Last food pickup is June 2.



"Is this required?" and "Do students have to do this?"

We expect all of our students to participate and complete these lessons to the best of their ability.  The lessons provided are meant to allow students to earn credit AND prepare them for the next school year.  It will also help keep them academically engaged to reduce learning and skill loss over this time period.

The Governor's Executive Order stated, "... section 1 of article 8 of the Michigan Constitution provides, “schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.” In the face of this pandemic, the education of K-12 students must continue as fully and effectively as possible. While there is no substitute for a highly trained and experienced teacher interacting with students in a classroom, schools must continue to provide, and students must continue to receive, the highest level of educational opportunities possible under the difficult circumstances now before us."  It also states, "Decisions regarding the awarding of credit, the issuance of grades, and the use of pass or fail designations will be made at the district level by districts with due recognition of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic."

If students or families are presented with current circumstances due to the pandemic that makes this schoolwork too challenging to engage in at this time, please know that we will be understanding.  We want you to put your primary focus on the health and well-being of children and families.  Our school district and teachers will be understanding and flexible with all students ... as compassion is our focus during these difficult times.  Near the beginning of Michigan's response to the pandemic on March 20, the Governor said, “I will be working in the coming days to ensure our seniors graduate and that no child is held back as a result of our ability to provide face-to-face instruction during the COVID-19 school closure.”

Finally, we ask that students and families also be patient and understanding as we deliver lessons in this new format, which deviates from what we know to be best teaching practices.

"May I borrow a Chromebook?"

We have a limited number of Chromebooks available for families that do not have a device in the home for each child in need. These devices still require you to have internet access. These devices only work with a student’s school account (login & password). Parents can call 517-925-5412 to leave a voicemail with the student’s name/s and the building they attend. Once your request has been processed (please be patient), you will be notified that a Chromebook has been scheduled for pick up at Beagle Elementary.

"May I get paper copies instead of the online schoolwork?"

Paper copies will be available for pickup if you have called ahead of time -- call before 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday to be added to the list for Friday's paper copies. Parents can call the Academic Services office at 517-925-5403 to be added to our list of students who need paper copies.  Please leave a message that contains the name/s of children, what grade/s, what building/s, and whether any children have special education services. Paper materials will be handed out each Friday morning at 10:30-12:00 at Beagle Elementary.  Once you are on the list, we will keep preparing paper copies each week.  If you no longer need paper copies, please call the Academic Services office at 517-925-5403 to let us know. 

"When can I get my stuff from the school?"

We are sorry for any inconvenience.  At this time, we know that we have very limited access to buildings during the Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives" executive order -- once that order is lifted, we will schedule days to pick up items (and to return school/library books and whatnot).  You are not the only one asking about this, and we will do our best to publicize those days when we have them scheduled.  The current "Stay Home" order expires April 30, and we will see what the future holds. We want to return to providing our services as quickly and safely as possible, and that means we need to follow the expert advice of health officials right now.  Again, our apologies for any inconvenience.

"When is the 'last day' of school?"

We will follow the published school calendar as best we can, so the "last day" of school will be Wednesday, June 3.  

Seniors will still end on May 22. 

"What about graduation?" and "What about my cap and gown?"

We will not be able to have our previously scheduled graduation on June 5 at the Breslin. We do not think large groups will be permitted or appropriate at that time. However, our goal is to find a way to have a standard graduation ceremony, and we are pursuing potential plans for an early August graduation ceremony (potentially still at the Breslin Center). We will communicate those plans as soon as possible. We have the caps and gowns that were ordered in the high school right now. When the “Stay Home” order is no longer in effect, we will coordinate a pickup time for those items.

"Are there any technology discounts available?"

Sehi Computer Products is offering the families and staff of Grand Ledge Public Schools discounts through its Parent & Staff Personal Purchase Sehi Portal.

Daily Announcements

Keep up to date with Daily Bulletins through PowerSchool. Simply click HERE!


You can also download the Parent / Student mobile app so you can see your student's grades and attendance, in addition to the Daily Announcements.


Daily Announcements



GLHS Bands & Comet Marching Band

Please click here for the band calendar, private lessons, marching band info. and more!





GLHS Athletics: Events, Cancellations, Delays & More

GL Public Schools - FaceBook

School Hours: Normal, 2 Hr Delay, Half Day AM & Comet Pride


Normal Class Schedule

1st Hour  -    7:55 - 9:05
2nd Hour -    9:12 - 10:23
     A Lunch - 10:23 - 10:53
3rd Hour A - 11:00 - 12:11
3rd Hour B - 10:30 - 11:41
     B Lunch - 11:41 - 12:11
4th Hour -     12:18 - 1:28
5th Hour -      1:35 - 2:45​​

2 Hr Delay Schedule

1st Hour  -    9:55 - 10:43
2nd Hour -    10:50 - 11:36
     A Lunch - 11:36 - 12:06
3rd Hour A - 12:13 - 12:59
3rd Hour B - 11:43 - 12:29
     B Lunch - 12:29 - 12:59
4th Hour -     1:06 - 1:52
5th Hour -     1:59 - 2:45  


Half Day AM

1st Hour  -    7:55 - 8:27
2nd Hour -    8:34 - 9:04
3rd Hour  -    9:11 -  9:41
4th Hour -    9:48 - 10:18
5th Hour -   10:25 - 10:55

Comet Pride Schedule

1st Hour -        7:55 - 9:31
2nd Hour -       9:38 - 10:42 
   A Lunch -    10:42 - 11:12
3rd Hour A -   11:19 - 12:23
3rd Hour B -   10:49 - 11:53
   B Lunch -     11:53 - 12:23
4th Hour -        12:30 - 1:34
5th Hour -         1:41 - 2:45

Main Office Hours

The GLHS Main Office is open from 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day school is in session.

Career Prep Center Calendar

Grand Ledge CPC Student Calendar

For more Career Prep Information click here. 

We have some days in the schedule that will cause confusion for our Career Prep Center students.  Please click on the schedule below to see the complete 2nd Trimester Clarification Schedule for 2019-2020.