October 8, 2021

Dear Beagle Parents, 

It sure was a busy week for our students with spirit week, math NWEA, school pictures, ReThink Ed screeners, and working locker combinations.  While students did a great job navigating all of the aforementioned tasks this week, we have noticed a significant increase in horseplay (hallways/playground), leaving trash in the cafeteria, mask defiance, and tardiness to class.  While we review expectations on a daily basis in all environments using our school-wide PBIS system, we also appreciate the continued support from our parents to reinforce the follow through of school-wide expectations on the homefront to ensure a safe and functional learning environment for all students. We are hoping for calmer waters next week once we get past homecoming.  

Here are some updates and changes we want to make you aware of:

Student Crossing Roundabout in the PM Closed: Due to some major safety concerns that have come up with students crossing the roundabout to head to the high school in the afternoons, we are closing the roundabout for student crossing in the afternoons effective Monday, October 11th.  Unfortunately, many bus riders that should be getting on their shuttle buses here at Beagle are walking over to the high school in massive crowds.  Even though we have addressed this with the student body, both during announcements and at the actual roundabout, it continues to happen.  There is no supervision between Beagle and the high school, and we have received many reports of students walking in the streets, fighting, and even pushing other students out in front of cars and buses intentionally.  If students need to head to the high school or walk home after school, they must use South Street to do so beginning Monday as there is a GLPD crossing guard positioned at South and Green Streets.  We apologize for the inconvenience to our families that have older siblings taking students home, but we need to ensure the safety of our students.  

Timeliness to Class: We have noticed that some students are struggling to get to class on time.  Normally at the beginning of the year, we do not monitor tardies closely because we want students to acclimate to their new surroundings, especially a two-story middle school building.  Our policy for tardies each trimester is no more than three-per-class.  Beginning Monday, October 11th, we will begin to closely monitor tardies for the duration of the year.  If a student receives more than 3 tardies per-class in a trimester, they will have to serve an afterschool detention.  We just wanted our parents to be aware of this policy, and this policy was presented to all students during our Student Support Presentation three weeks ago along with other school expectations.  

Friday, October 15th: Just a friendly reminder that next Friday is a half-day for students.  Students are released at 10:50; no lunches served.  

Planners: All students were provided with a Beagle Middle School planner for the year, and they are expected to use it on a daily basis.  Hour-by-hour, teachers reinforce planner use by scaffolding for students what to put in their planner; this is also reinforced at the end of the day in Check and Connect Class.  Our goal in requiring planner use post-pandemic is to help reinforce and build our students’ executive functioning skills, and to ensure they have a successful school year.  Please be sure to review your student’s planner as much as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns for teachers, there is a location for parents to communicate with teaching staff at the bottom of the page.  

NWEA: Our students have finished the math NWEA this week.  The good news is that they will have a week away from NWEA next week; English teachers will be giving their NWEA test beginning October 18th.  

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These are all the updates that we have at this time.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Take care,

Dave and Eric