May 13, 2022

Dear Beagle Middle School Parents,

Here are some important updates and reminders:

MSTEP: We have finally made it through MSTEP testing at both grade levels!  Our school counselors will continue to pull students that need to finish testing early next week, but we are happy to report that testing is by and large completed at this time!  Please note that final MSTEP scores take a great deal of time to process, so your student’s MSTEP results will not be available until early fall.  MSTEP scores can be accessed through Parent Portal by clicking on School Net, Standardized Tests, and then using the filter to identify the appropriate school year.  Again, these results will not be available until the fall.  

Spring NWEA Testing:  Spring NWEA testing begins next week with Math; English NWEA will be the following week.  Both 7th and 8th graders will engage in NWEA testing.  As we have discussed previously in the year, NWEA is a norm-referenced, national, and standards-based assessment that helps to identify where children are with their learning, and it also helps to identify the next steps for learning.  NWEA data is actively reviewed by teaching and administrative staff to help guide instruction and provide necessary support and intervention when appropriate.  NWEA data comes back much faster than MSTEP, and it can be accessed in the same fashion via Parent Portal: School Net, Standardized Tests, and filtering for the correct year.  For a reference, scores between the 25–70th percentile are considered in the average range.  Fall and Winter NWEA scores are currently posted within School Net at this time, and Spring scores will be posted by the end of the school year. 

June 15th End of Year Celebration (Big Fun Day):  Our last day of school is June 15th, which is a half-day, and we plan on celebrating all of our students with a Big Fun Day filled with inflatable obstacle courses; tug of war; laser tag; and a gaggle of additional fun, outdoor activities.  This has been a tradition at the middle level for the past decade (prior to COVID), and we intend on having even more activities for our students this year.  There will be more detailed information in subsequent newsletters. 

Grand Ledge Gymnastics Team:  Students interested in joining the team for the 2022-23 season should stop down to our Student Services office for more information.  We have been announcing this during morning announcements over the past week.  For more information please send an email

Pandemic EBT Program:  The Pandemic–EBT Program provides food benefits to families with children who were not able to get free or reduced-price school meals due to COVID.  For more information regarding this program, please click on the link within our last section of the newsletter and look for more information within our Community Resources link. 

18th Annual Josh Spalsbury Memorial 5K Comet Chase: This race is in memory of Josh Spalsbury, a former Grand Ledge athlete and the son of former Grand Ledge teacher and track coach Kim Spalsbury.  Josh passed away in a tragic accident in 2007 while working at Yellowstone National Park.  Foster Swift, Lions International, and Dart Bank have helped to support the memorial run in honor of Josh and his family.  Proceeds from the event support our students and teachers through the Grand Ledge Educational Association’s grant opportunities.  This allows for our teachers to apply for educational grants, providing increased learning opportunities for students in the classroom. There are many opportunities for the whole family at this event; it’s not just a 5K race.  For more information about the race on June 18th, then please click on the link at the end of the email and use our Community Resources link to find additional information.  

Hayes/Beagle Joint PTO:  The next PTO meeting will be on Wednesday, June 1st at 6 pm via Zoom. We welcome and encourage Beagle parents to attend our PTO meetings.  Here is the recurring Zoom link for future PTO meetings:  You can also stay up-to-date with the Hayes and Beagle PTO by following them on Facebook.

Students’ of the Week, Extra Curricular, and Community Resources:  To view our students of the week or to review additional community/extra curricular information on our webpage, then please click and then click on the appropriate link on our homepage. 

These are all the updates that we have for now.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Take care, 

Dave and Eric