January. 14, 2022

Dear Beagle Middle School Parents, 

Here are some updates that we wanted to share at this time:

Winter NWEA: Winter NWEA testing will begin on Monday, January 24th, and testing will take place–including make-ups–across three total weeks.  We intentionally test one content are per week to prevent testing burn-out with our students.  Therefore, our English department will test the week January 24th; our Math department will begin testing the week of January 31st.  Testing will take place in the aforementioned core academic classes across multiple days.  Our counseling staff will conduct make-up testing sessions the week of February 7th, and students will be pulled from their elective classes to complete their NWEA testing during that time to ensure they are not missing core content instruction. 

2nd Trimester Dip: The second trimester is historically the most challenging for students–both behaviorally and academically.  We often notice a rise in behavioral referrals and a drop in academic performance this time of year.  We can all agree that this is mainly due to the seasonal changes here in Michigan where outdoor recreation is often limited, and students often resort to technology even more so for leisure. In an effort to combat this winter-time dip, please continue to promote consistent routines and expectations at home for completing homework and household chores as this helps to maintain high levels of self-efficacy.  Essentially, when children accomplish tasks regularly and efficiently, it increases their overall self worth, motivation, and sense of well being.  Beyond the day-to-day routines and expectations on the home front and at school, students also benefit from being immersed in a variety of physical and social activities this time of the year.  Some great local places for physical activity and socialization include:  Hawk Island for an exciting tubing experience that rivals many theme parks, Granger Park sledding hill, Potter Park Zoo, Defy to get some wiggles out on the trampoline, Royal Scott for bowling, and Fitzgerald Park for some scenic cross country skiing and snowshoeing.     

Covid Updates: As you are aware, Covid numbers in general continue to be high.  With that being said, please continue to monitor for symptoms.  When in doubt, please keep students out to formally rule out Covid.  If your student tests positive for Covid, please fill out the Covid Reporting Form, which is found on our district’s homepage.  If your student is a close contact, you will be contacted by our health team.  If your student is a close contact and fully vaccinated, they do not have to quarantine; they will monitor for symptoms.  If your student is a close contact and they are not vaccinated, then they must test to stay on a daily basis to remain in school.  If–and hopefully not–this impacts your household, our district’s health team will provide you with more information. 

Hayes/Beagle Joint PTO: We are very happy to announce that our joint PTO with Hayes is up and running at this time. PTO meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm via Zoom.  We welcome and encourage Beagle parents to attend our PTO meetings.  Here is the recurring Zoom link for future PTO meetings: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82744686994

No School On Monday, January 17th:  Students and staff are off on Monday, January 17th as of day of reflection and opportunity for community service in light of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s work and legacy. We encourage our students and parents to reflect upon Dr. King’s work and commitment to our society.

Half-Day on Friday, January 21st: Students will be released at 10:50am on Friday; there will not be Check and Connect Class on Friday.  

Students’ of the Week, Extra Curricular, and Community Resources:  Please click https://www.glcomets.net/ourschools/beagle-middle-school/ and then click on the appropriate link on our homepage. 

These are all the updates that we have for now.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  

Take care, 

Dave and Eric