Important Bus Rider Information

Dear Parents,

In the interest of the safety of the Middle School students in our bus transition area at the High School, we will be implementing some changes on Monday.

Students who plan to take a bus home from school MUST board a shuttle bus at Beagle before heading to the High School. To accomplish this, students who take buses from Beagle will be able to leave the building two minutes early with a short bell at 2:28. Bus riders may only exit from doors on the South and West side of the building.

Walkers and Car Riders will be able to leave the building with the final bell at 2:30 and they can exit the building using the East side doors.

Any student who attempts to walk to the High School to board a bus will NOT be able to enter the bus transition area. They will not be able to board a bus at the High School. If it is found that a student boarded a bus at the High School without boarding at the Middle School, they may be suspended from all bus transportation for a period of time.

Sidewalks will be closed to student traffic south of the intersection at South and Green street until after the buses leave the High School.  Students that walk home, have a sibling picking them up at the high school, or are attending specific events at the high school must continue East on South Street and access the high school via Spring Street.  If students are accessing the high school for activities, they must use the main entrance at the high school. 

This may result in some additional calls for rides if students attempt to evade these policies, but we must reinforce them for student safety. There have been too many incidents of students walking in front of buses and also students misbehaving on the sidewalk between the Middle School and High School when students are inappropriately walking between the two buildings.


Dave and Eric