August 17, 2021

Dear Beagle Middle School Parents, 

We are so excited to kick-off the 2021-22 school year at Beagle Middle School!  We hope that your family was able to enjoy the summer in a connected, relaxing fashion. We wanted to reach out to our families at this time to provide some updates regarding the construction at Beagle, student schedules, and our district-wide Open House on Thursday, September 2nd from 4:30-6:00 PM.  

Beagle Construction Updates
As you know, Beagle has been an active construction site over the past year. Beagle has been remodeled and expanded to meet the necessary needs for middle school programming and instruction.  After multiple walkthroughs and tours of the building at various points in the renovation process, it is apparent that the updates and additions will positively impact the education of our children for many years to come!  With that being said, we should note that there will be certain sections at the North end of Beagle that will remain under construction for the initial part of the school year; these areas include: the hallway leading out to the Band and Choir rooms, parts of the cafeteria, the pool area, and the East/West hallway that separates the pool area from the gymnasium.  We will work closely with the Clark Construction to ensure the safety and well being of our students during the final stages of construction.  In addition, construction continues to be ongoing at this time, and construction will continue into the week of August 30th. We appreciate your support and understanding with the renovation process.  

Student Schedules, Open House, and School Pictures
Student schedules will be made available for parents and students to view within PowerSchool the week of August 30th. As in past years, we intend to host a time for students and parents to tour the building with their schedule, work on locker combinations, and drop off medications. For now and given the ongoing construction at Beagle, we intend to have the building open the same day as our district-wide Open House: Thursday, September 2nd. Students and parents are invited to walk the building and work locker combinations according to the following schedule: 

7th grade: 8am-11am

8th grade students: 12pm-3pm

Students who need a printed schedule can also pick one up during the assigned time. Families can choose to come back for the Open House from 4:30-6pm to meet teachers. Next week, we will send another communication to our families regarding these scheduled events to provide any updates. School pictures are scheduled for September 28th during the school day.  Again, we appreciate your support and understanding with this process.   

In closing, we thank you for your continued support and understanding as we are excitedly preparing for another school year.  Reflecting on all of the changes, uncertainties, and anxieties of last year, it’s important to remember that through team work, collaboration, and positive thinking, we are able to make it through any challenges that stand in our way.  Again, we are looking forward to working with you and your child this year!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  


Take care, 

Dave Kushman and Eric Leopold