December 9, 2022

Dear Beagle Middle School Parents,

Here are some updates that we wanted to pass along:

Food Drive Next Week: Beagle Middle School is having a food drive! Our goal is 800 items, which is around how many students are in the school. The items collected will go to Mount Hope Church. We will only be collecting canned or dry foods. The food will be accepted December 12th-16th. The students will bring the food to their first-hour teacher when they arrive. If you are able to donate that will be very much appreciated.  We thank Mr. Jones' Check and Connect Class for organizing and facilitating the food drive and Savannah Wright for creating this piece for our newsletter.

Lockdown Drill Next Week: Our second lockdown drill for the year will be next week on Wednesday.  Our first lockdown drill was back in November, and prior to this drill students were provided detailed information regarding school safety and lockdown procedures during Check and Connect Class.  Our staff will provide students with a brief overview of these procedures prior to the lockdown drill next Wednesday.  

Hour Of Code Friday:  All students at Beagle will engage in an Hour of Code Friday as December 5-12th marks Computer Science Education Week.  Students from across the world are encouraged to participate in an hour of code as coding exposes students to numerous computer science activities.  Our middle school has participated in this event since 2018.  

Thank You, Mr. Saade:  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Saade, school counselor, for his hard work and commitment to our students and staff here at Beagle Middle over the past two years.  Mr. Saade coaches football and resides in Mason, and he has recently been offered a counselor position at Mason High School.  Mr. Saade’s last week is next week, so Mrs. Driscoll will be supporting Mr. Saade’s students in the interim as we interview candidates for our open counselor position.  Again, thank you Mr. Saade, and we wish you well at Mason. 

Winter Dance–Save the Date: The PTO will be hosting a Winter Dance here at Beagle on Friday, January 27th.  For parents interested in supporting the planning of this event, please keep an eye on subsequent newsletters as we will be communicating future planning meeting dates in short order along with logistics for volunteering to help supervise the day of the dance. More to come here, please stay tuned.  

Joint Hayes/Beagle PTO Meetings: Joint Hayes/Beagle PTO meetings are being hosted in a hybrid-fashion this year with the in-person opportunity being hosted here at Beagle in our media center.  Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm.  Our next PTO meeting will be on Tuesday, December 13th.  We welcome parents to attend our PTO meetings either in-person or virtually.  If interested in attending virtually, here is the link:

Students’ of the Week, Community, and Extra Curricular Resources:   To view our students of the week or to review additional community/extra curricular information on our webpage, then please click http:// and then click on the appropriate icon on the left side of our homepage. 

Take care,

Dave and Eric