GLHS MARCHING BAND EXHIBITION (extra credit, all classes):  Starts at 5 p.m. this Wednesday, October 6th.  Admission is $ at the gate.  Bands go on about every 15 minutes, with GLHS scheduled to perform at 9:00 p.m. and the MSU Spartan Marching Band immediately following.  Students only need bring a note with how many bands they were there for to receive extra credit.  It's always a great show

SOLO AND ENSEMBLE (Advanced Band):  Fall solo and ensemble festival is virtual this year due to a lack of host school.  Spring Solo and Ensemble is planned to be in-person in Onsted.  Registration forms for Fall are due to me by Tuesday, October 5th, and then parents should be looking for an email payment link to make payment by the October 8th deadline.  Form link here:

FALL FESTIVAL OF BANDS (Advanced Band performance, extra credit for Beginning Band students who attend):  Tuesday, October 12th, 7pm, GLHS Auditorium.  Advanced Band performs with the GLHS bands, it is extra credit for all others who go to listen.  Advanced Band students will report to the GLHS Choir Room at 6:30p.m. in full uniform (black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, Beagle Band polo...those should hopefully arrive soon!).

8TH GRADE MARCHING NIGHT (Advanced Band 8th graders):  A few things about 8th Grade Marching Night on Friday, October 15th!

"Uniform" is jeans (dark athletic pants are OK), tennis shoes, and Grand Ledge colors.  PLEASE dress as warmly as necessary for the weather!

Students are meeting in the GLHS choir room at 3:45 and walking together to the Beagle practice field.  If you are late and there is no one in the choir room, please have your child leave their case in the choir room and bring them directly to the field.

Students will be fed, but those with special dietary requirements may wish to pack a dinner.  

Students will be done at halftime and will all return to the choir room at that time.

If your student is returning to the game Friday night after halftime, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL OR WRITTEN NOTE STATING THIS (replying to this email is fine).  If I have documentation in advance, I can give your child a voucher to come back into the game and find you (or whomever you have made arrangements for them to be with).  

If you are giving your child permission to walk home after halftime and will not be there to sign them out, I need a written note in advance.

If your child is leaving immediately after halftime (or you don't provide documentation for them to return to the game) you will need to come into the choir room and sign your child out to leave.  I know this may seem like a lot, but I am responsible for the safety of more than four dozen 8th graders in a very crowded location and I take this seriously...I need to know all my kids are OK!

Please do NOT assume that it will not be happening if the weather is bad.  Still report unless you hear otherwise...there is a lot of time between the 4:00 rehearsal and the 7:00 kickoff for weather to change.  If conditions are poor, we will assess how to proceed as we get closer to game time.